Starting Wednesday, April 24, 2019, kids clothing and shoes will be BUY ONE GET ONE 52% OFF 52 WEEKS A YEAR.*

That’s right, parents! Shop any Omega Sports neighborhood store and enjoy saving money on kids clothing and shoes with our new Kids BOGO 52 program.

This is one of our most exciting new premium programs launching along our “You deserve a new season” campaign. With new energy, focus and enthusiasm, we’ve been upping our game. We’re ready to play.

Omega Sports has been helping parents get their kids sports season-ready for generations. Our commitment continues to grow. Along with seasonal sports wear, we’ve expanded our kids play wear. Fresh new looks have already arrived for spring and will continue to expand.

We continue to offer an array of premium kids shoes from favorite top brands in soccer, baseball, running and more.

Details you’ll want to know.

  • Kids BOGO 52 is in-store only.
  • Applies to all kid sized clothing and footwear for all sports/all seasons (excluding youth swimwear)
  • Kids beachwear is included
  • Cannot be combined with other offers, discounts, coupons
  • Excludes sales or clearance

*Some exclusions apply as outlined on our “Exclusions” page related to brand and pricing policies not administered by Omega Sports

young boy running through sprinkler

Questions you might ask

Q: Why can’t I use this online at
A: We love our website and love offering shoppers convenience and the ability to research their purchases, but BOGO isn’t as friendly online as we want it to be. Plus, we really love our neighborhood sports stores. Our wonderful team is ready to help you find the right fit for any needs you or your kids may have. Let us help you.

Q: I have a gift card. Can I still use it with Kids BOGO 52?
A: Yes, of course. You’re lucky to have such great gift givers!

Q: Is there a coupon or card I need to sign up for?
A: Nope. Kids BOGO 52 is based on kid sized clothing and shoes. The “get one 52% off” is applied at the point of purchase.

Q: What if my kids wear adult sizes?
A: Unfortunately, Kids BOGO 52 is only for kid sized clothing and shoes.

Q: Can I mix clothing and shoes for Kids BOGO 52?
A: Yep. If you buy one shirt and one pair of shoes, Kids BOGO 52 will apply. The system will make the appropriate adjustments if you have more than two items.

Q: What if I only buy one pair of shoes?
A: Kids BOGO 52 would not apply, but any other applicable coupons, discounts, sales currently running will apply.

Q: Will Omega Sports still have other sales on kids clothing and shoes?
A: Yep. We will continue to offer better savings when we can. The system should apply the better offer. Remember, Kids BOGO 52 cannot be combined with other offers and excludes sales and clearance.

Q: Why is Omega Sports offering this 52 weeks a year?
A: Great question! We want to offer the best savings we can while staying top of mind with our shoppers. We know there are several shopping choices parents could make. We also know that kids grow up so fast. The more we can help them gear up and ready to play, the better. As we mentioned, we will continue to have other sales on kids clothing and shoes. We hope this assures parents they can shop with us more.

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