Name: Deanna Nichole

City you live in: Charlotte, NC (Technically, I live in Indian Trail, NC but I represent Charlotte)

Why do you love your city?
The first thing I noticed about Charlotte when I moved here in the summer of 1996 is how friendly everyone was. I was not accustomed to being greeted as if I was known when I walked in to a store. Charlotte is absolutely beautiful and has grown so much over the years.

How long have you been a nurse?
I’ve been a nurse for 7.5 years, all of which has been in the Emergency Department at Atrium.

Why are you proud to be a nurse?
It’s an amazing feeling when you have truly made a difference in someones life. There is never a dull moment and my teammates are amazing!

When you are not working, what can we find you doing?
You are most likely to find me out being active in some way, such as at CrossFit Indian Trail, running with a Run Group, walking on of the many greenways of Charlotte, catching up with friends over coffee, lunch or dinner.

Why is staying active important to you?
Life can be stressful and I have always considered physical activity to be my outlet. My CrossFit friends have become a second family to me over the past 6 years. I started running here and there while I was in nursing school (2010) as a way to await traffic to die down for my commute home. I became more consistent in running when I had a coworker who was a runner and we started meeting on the greenway. After attending one group I caught word of others and basically connect and join them when I can.

How long you’ve shopped at Omega Sports?
A few years, but became a loyal customer after a Brooks Run Happy Event was hosted at Omega Sports on Park Road along with a group run in July 2018. That’s where it all started. It was the first time I had ever participated in a group run and I immediately connected with the running community. The associates are always so helpful and knowledgeable.

My sons are very particular about the colors they wear, always have been since they were toddlers. My son was hesitant about a shoe he seemed to like after being evaluated, I knew it was because of the color scheme- solved when Omega pulled up the shoe options online and ordered for him since it wasn’t in store. It’s the personal experience like this that keeps us coming back.

What are your “must have” items that help you stay at top performance with both work and active life?
Must haves for both work and runs are compression socks or sleeves and comfortable shoes, I alternate between clogs and my “retired” running shoes. A run or workout MUST have is also a supportive sports bra– my favorite is the Brooks UpLift Crossback, the hook closure in the back definitely makes changing out of a wet sports bra easier. With the temperatures rising, a water source of some sort is essential to help stay hydrated. For my longer runs, GU is essential, my favorites are chocolate and pineapple. Eye protection from sun and bugs, Goodr are my go to which I love coordinating with the rest of my run attire.

Name another nurse you think also deserves recognition.
My coworker Donna is amazing! She ALWAYS has a positive can do attitude even when the shift is an absolute beat down.