I think we are all in agreement that nurses deserve so much in return for all of their hard work, selflessness, compassion and commitment they show to helping others. Most of us have come across a nurse that continued to show empathy and grace, while proving their continued dedication to the health care community. The team at Omega Sports recognizes that nurses are the heart of health care and are excited to have teamed up with iheartncnurses.com to support National Nurses Week by highlighting those special nurses that have left a positive impact on many lives. So, let’s meet the amazing nominations and see why these nurses are so deserving of the recognition:

Monica Nasseri, RN, is employed at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital in the Operating Room. She is seen as selfless and gives her patients her all and with her huge heart, she loves to make a difference in the lives of others. She does not get enough praise for all that she does. She goes above and beyond to care for her patients to make them feel special and like their voices are heard. She stands up for her patients and advocates for them, while offering a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on if needed.

Katy Keating, RN, is employed at the Women’s Hospital in the NICU. She is known as an amazing nurse! The nurses in the NICU are often seen as superheroes looking after tiny miracles.They face life and death every single day and yet they keep going back. Katy works tirelessly for the infants and yet still manages to help the parents and family members with whatever she can. “She was there the day my daughter was born and taken to the NICU.I am forever indebted to the time she and countless other NICU nurses who helped my daughter survive!” – Lauren Walker, nominator

Alenna LeCompte, RN, of St. Matthews Catholic School has 10+ years of experience as a nurse. Her start was in cardiology, and she then ventured into oncology. Later, she found her love as a school nurse helping children to understand, cope and manage health issues that arise while continuing to focus on their growth, school work and play. She loves her “extra” kids and they love her right back. Some just come to see her for a hug! She teaches healthy choices and strives to set that example for them by being an active and committed member of FIA and participating in many races. She is also the mom of two very active baseball loving boys who keep her moving!

Jerri Lankford, RN, of Carolina Meadows Medical Practice and Nursing Facility is actually a clinical nurse specialist as well. She serves on the care coordination team with a commitment to quality care and smooth transitions for patients. She has successfully avoided multiple bounce backs to the hospital through her diligence in following the course of treatment when a patient of the practice is in the ED or hospital. She provides health education to our elder population and has developed a relationship that facilitates trust in her recommendations. The providers depend on her to provide the information they need when bringing someone home from the hospital. This is known as a challenging environment where many of the residents are 90+ years old. She works collaboratively with medical providers, nurses, social workers and the therapy team, as well as transportation to help minimize the stress of transitions for the residents.

Katelyn Stanley, RN, of the Moses Cone Hospital Heart ICU unit in Greensboro, NC is known for her deep love for nursing that began when her mom received a kidney transplant a few years ago. Seeing what her mom went through in the hospital and then helping care for her mom afterwards at home inspired Katelyn to become a nurse. She was an awesome student, studying hard to be one of the top nurses in her graduating class. Soon after graduating, she received a job offer from Moses Cone Hospital. Katelyn’s heart is to give the very best care to her patients every shift, sometimes saving their lives. This is not just a job to her, it’s a special calling on her life. Outside of nursing, Katelyn loves her husband Joshua, her dog Alli, and loves to take Alli on walks and jogs. Katelyn has found that the Hoka tennis shoes are awesome shoes for nursing and exercising.

Bonnye Rose, RN, of WakeMed dedicates herself to excellent nursing care combining a caring attitude along with an amazing sense of humor that propels her patients to feel better. She is loved by all of her coworkers.

Sandra Rearden, RN, of UNC Rex Healthcare has been a nurse for over 30 years and is very hardworking and compassionate to her patients. She works on an extremely hard surgical floor. Sandra has won several awards for her work by being nominated by her patients and is very deserving of this nomination.

Devon Lofters, RN, of Cone Health Hospital’s Cardiovascular Intensive Care Department is an individual who worked his way through nursing beginning as an LPN serving with the US Army. He then attended GTCC to complete his ADN and then onto UNCG to complete his BSN. He has rounded out his education with a Masters in Healthcare Administration and is certified as a Brain Injury Specialist. He completed all of this work while continuing to serve his country in the Army reserves and community at Cone Health in the Neuro and Cardiovascular Intensive Care Departments. He is often seen at volunteer opportunities, with many of those participating in local 5Ks as fundraisers and awareness events to support the cause. Devon has been a leader of the CVICU at Cone Health the past several years. This department is home to the best Heart Surgery Program in the South East according to consumer reports. He still makes time to lead the local nursing Honors Society at UNCG which received a national honor last year under his leadership. “Leadership can be a thankless role and for an individual that has built his Nursing career one step at a time and uses running for fitness and time for self reflection. This is the perfect award to thank him for all he has done for others”. – Christopher McKeown, nominator