Whether you enjoy the occasional dip in the pool, swim to exercise or you’re a competitive swimmer, one thing will always be important and that’s goggles. It’s vital that you know which goggles are best suited for your needs. This will not only improve your swim game but it will also keep your eyes protected while swimming. But with so many goggles on the market, which swim goggles are right for you?

When choosing swimming goggles, you should consider the following when searching for the right pair: fit, visibility and straps.

Choosing Goggles That Fit Properly

When it comes to fit, a quick test can help to gauge whether your goggles are a good fit and it doesn’t require being in the water. This test will determine the seal of the goggles so that they don’t let in water. Try putting the goggles to your face, without the strap, and giving them a hard press. The goggles should stay up for a few seconds and provide a comfortable level of pressure around the eyes. If they stay up longer, they may too tight, which can cause discomfort.

When it comes to competition goggles, these are less adjustable and are designed to be sleeker. This is all the more reason to be more careful when trying on goggles and ensuring that they fit properly.

All About Lenses

Another thing to consider is the lenses of your goggles. Swimming goggle lenses include clear lenses, a variety of colored lenses, mirrored lenses and prescription lenses.

  • Clear lenses: These lenses provide maximum visibility and suit both indoor and outdoor swimming.
  • Colored lenses: When it comes to choosing colored lenses, their practicality varies depending on the brightness and colors of the setting. Lilac lenses are ideal for contrast against blue or green backgrounds, smoke reduces overall brightness and is best for swimming in the sun, amber enhances vision under low-light and blue protects from glare.
  • Mirrored lenses: These lenses reduce levels of brightness and protect from glare. These are great for indoor swimming competitions. However, they are not recommended for pools that are poorly-lit.
  • Prescription lenses: If you wear glasses or contacts, prescription lenses are a practical option. Most goggles will also come with an anti-fog coating, as well as UV protection.

The Importance of Straps

You should also consider the straps on your goggles. While these don’t affect the seal, they do affect the overall comfort and holding your goggles in place. Most goggles will have a double strap and you can make them fit more securely by placing one of the straps higher than the other. You should note that the straps should be placed at the same level as your eyes or above.

Taking Care of Your Goggles

You want to make sure that your goggles stay in good shape after purchasing them so you can wear them for a long time. We recommend that you do the following:

  • Use the pouch that they come in when you aren’t wearing them, similar to when you’re buying new glasses. This will reduce damage and scratches.
  • Rinse gently with water (and without using soap) after swimming in water with chlorine or chemicals.
  • Allow your goggles to air-dry after rinsing.

When it comes to buying new swimming goggles, it’s important that they feel secure on your face and suit your needs, whether you’re swimming recreationally or competitively. Not only will you be swimming safe, but you’ll also up your game. If you’re looking for premium swim goggles, shop Omega Sports and save 25% off beachwear. This includes select apparel, swimwear, swim accessories and sandals. With Omega Sports, you’ll always be beach ready!