Welcome to the Omega Sports Podcast, hosted by Doug “the shoe guy.”

In this episode, we talk about Giving Tuesday with Omega Sports CEO, Craig Carlock.  In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, we are discussing the amazing work and ways Omega Sports has given back to our communities. Today, we are also going to announce another great initiative to  give back.

Getting to know Craig Carlock, CEO of Omega Sports

I would like to welcome Craig Carlock and hope all of our listeners, customers, employees and supporters had a great Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.

Craig is thankful and appreciates your support. Craig’s background before joining Omega Sports was spent in finance at a large consumer products company. It also included 15 years in retail and specialty retail in the food business. He spent a large amount of time at The Fresh Market, where he observed a great combination of serving people and employees well. Craig and his family have been a Greensboro resident since 1999 and are proud to call Greensboro home. The spirit of community in Greensboro is fantastic. It’s a small enough town where the people care for others and their community, but large enough to have a vibrant, active life here.

Why become the owner of Omega Sports?

The chance to be a part of the community that incorporates fitness, health, wellness, activity, and family in the state of NC was extremely appealing to him as well as his wife and children. It was an exciting opportunity and a chance to be a part of something larger than themselves that was about health, customers and achieving goals.
Craig acquired Omega Sports in April 2017, and has brought many great things to the company including an online presence, and has partnered with many local charities. Omega Sports has really stepped up their game in community involvement.
Craig and his family have been Omega customers since 1999. Craig and his family live an active lifestyle and relied on Omega to fulfill their sports needs every season. Initially, he wasn’t aware that there were multiple locations. Craig remembers a time when he was visiting Omega with his 18 year old daughter, and she said “dad, this is my favorite store, they have all this cool stuff”. And that helped Craig realize that there’s something to this if he enjoys the same store as his teenager.
Omega Sports was started in 1978 and part of what has made Omega great is the strong contribution to community and the investments Omega has made in the community. That heritage was attractive to Craig and he wanted to continue and embellish a strong sense of community. Retail is comprised of many national big box companies and competitors with a large online presence. He saw a lack of a Neighborhood type store that wants to know its customers and wanted to fill in that gap with personal service and value. We regularly here great stories of how Omega Sports employees have provided exceptional service by recognizing their customers and making sure the customer is always fitted with the right gear and accessories. It’s a great way to connect with customers and build relationships. It’s imperative to give each customer a great in-store experience and show appreciation for every customer. The employees at Omega Sports are also heavily involved in the community and many local charities.

Ways Omega Sports gives back to the community

Annual Summer Sneaker Trade-In

Since 1993, Omega has participated in this event that starts in July. We encourage the store management teams to partner with a local charity. Over the past 27 years, Omega has given over 50,000 shoes to many causes.

Sponsor Races & Marathons

Omega Sports has sponsored more than 1000 marathons and races annually in the state of NC.  They just has a successful marathon, The Cannonball Run where Omega was the title sponsor.  Craig, his family and fellow Omega Sports employees had a great time participating.
“Companies all have brains, but not all companies have hearts” – Craig Carlock. Giving is where Omega’s heart is revealed. It’s a fundamental part of how Omega Sports operates day to day. It’s given a sense of purpose.

Sponsor & Support Local Sports Teams, CHarities & Local Athletes

Omegas’s management teams have built strong relationships in the communities. They reach out regularly in ways that are genuine, healthy, organic and are good for the customers and communities.

Omega’s Newest Initiative: Team Sports Program

This fantastic program partners Omega Sports with schools and little leagues to build fan gear or spirit wear micro websites. This enables parents and children to customize hats, hoodies, accessories, fan gear etc for their teams. This differs from the actual uniforms, but is more of what would be worn on the sidelines or to school to show team support. Then, Omega Sports gives 20 percent cash back to the organization. This tremendous fundraiser allows the school to then use the cash back to purchase any sports gear the school may need. It’s a great way for Omega Sports to stay local while helping the schools build their brand.

Please contact any Omega Sports store for more information on this program. There are a wide range of prices and customization available for just about any type of sports teams. It’s intended to be an affordable and fun way to show your support.
Omega Sports is proud of what this program offers as the 20 percent donations may be used anyway they wish. Many other competitors of similar programs have stipulations and are will limit how the donation can be used.

Mega Tuesdays

Mega Tuesdays are a great 1 day deal for shoppers to score great deals on footwear, apparel and accessories. Look out for these deals in your email if you are on Omega Sports email list.

Craig and Omega Sports is looking forward to continuing and stepping up their efforts in the local communities. Omega Sports is working on building a great Neighborship and continues to be your neighborhood sports store.