Welcome to the Omega Sports Podcast, hosted by Doug “the shoe guy.”

In this episode, we talk to Chris about Brooks Running and their latest release, the Adrenaline GTS 20.

Show Notes


Brooks promotes active and healthy lifestyles. They want you to get up and out. It welcomes everyone. The only prerequisite is to show up with your shoes laced and a smile on your face. Brooks really embraces the “Run Happy” spirit.

Brooks use to play in all aspects of shoes, including basketball shoes. The decision to focus on a niche category (running) was led by current CEO Jim Weber. This allows Brooks to compete with other major brands that are dominant in the market. This decision has allowed Brooks to become experts in running and focus on the biomechanics and new technologies for runners.

Brooks is making some of the best gear for runners. The cushioning, fit and feel allows you to run right out of the box.

Brooks partners with local sports store such as Omega Sports because they allow Brooks to work with people one on one and find the right footwear and gear.


Running is the most inclusive sport there is. There is a renewed focus on completion vs. competition, which really allows for everyone to join in. For Chris, running is many different things. Sometimes it’s to train, sometimes it’s to release endorphins. Runners come in all different shapes and sizes. It can change a life.

The running scene in North Carolina is great. There is more times you can run thanks to shorter winters than some of the more northern states. There are beautiful trails and an active community all over the state.

Getting Fitted

As mentioned in previous podcasts, getting fit for the right running shoe can make or break your running experience. There are many factors to consider when choosing a shoe. And with so many choices, it can be an overwhelming decision.

When you visit Omega Sports, our experts we are able to drill that down to a few shoes for you to try. We utilize foot scanning technology and pair it with our expert experience to get you in the right shoe for your needs. It only takes three simple steps:

  1. We learn. We start by learning about your issues. What problems are you having? What activities are you participating in? How can we increase your performance and comfort?
  2. We observe. We then take you to Albert, our foot scanning and gait analysis machine to see how your feet work. Scanning only takes 30 seconds. Then we may ask you to walk so we can verify the results. It’s quick and painless.
  3. We recommend. Finally, we take you to the shoe wall and recommend the best shoes for you. We give you a few to try on so you can decide what feels best.

Learn more about getting into the proper shoe with our fit guide.

Adrenaline GTS 20

GTS stands for Go To Shoe and this shoe has been in production since 1999. It is a consistent shoe. Although it is updated and refined every year, it is continues to meet and exceeds the Adrenaline lovers’ expectation.

The Adrenaline GTS 20 is known for unbelievable fit and game changing support. This is the second year it utilizes Brooks’ GuideRails technology. It provides for support from the foot to the knee, something Brooks believes will be key in injury prevention. It provides a balance and great ride on the run, even in the 10th mile and beyond of your run.

GuideRails has been technology that has been refined for many years, used previously in Brooks Transcend shoe. Thanks to runner feedback and testing, GuideRails was introduced to the Adrenaline GTS 19. And despite concerns, the decision has been a positive one.