Welcome to the Omega Sports Podcast, hosted by Doug “the shoe guy.”

In this episode, we talk to Babolat’s National Sales Director, Bryan Ogle. Babolat is an Internationally popular tennis brand.

Show Notes

Babolat Origins

Babolat is headquartered in Louisville, Colorado. Their National Sales Director, Bryan Ogle, having come from a family of tennis players began playing at around 8 years old. One of the biggest changes he’s seen since then is the advancement in racquets and shoes.

Bryan has been Babolat’s National Sales Director for almost 4 years. Babolat is a global brand, has roots in France and is also a very family oriented company. Babolat’s mission statement is “Tennis runs in our blood.”

In 1874, Babolat started off as a tennis string company, when tennis strings were originally made from the intestines of animals, called gut strings. Today, Babolat still makes natural gut strings from cow intestines while also offering a synthetic variety.

In the 1990’s, Babolat expanded their inventory to include racquets, footwear and apparel. In 1998, Carlos Moya won the French Open using the Babolat Pure Drive Racquet and has since become their signature frame. Tennis professional, Rafael Nadal raquet of choice is Babolat’s Pure Aero Racquet.

Babolat’s success is based on the combination of being family oriented and it’s consistency with it’s products. Athletes are always involved when evolving any of their products to ensure the best quality and function. Consumer response to their products is a main focus for Babolat.

Babolat & Omega Sports

Babolat relies on stores such as Omega Sports for a successful partnership. It’s paramount for any brand’s success to have expert’s on hand to discuss individual needs from footwear, to frames, to strings. The team at Omega Sports is always available to make sure you have the proper equipment.

Visit your local Omega Sports Store to speak with a tennis expert. Omega carries a wide range of Babolat gear and accessories.

Why Choose Babolat?

“At the end of the day, we live, breathe, eat, sleep tennis.”
-Bryan Ogle.

Babolat is a brand that specializes in only tennis gear which helps makes them unique. They are proud to be a tennis supplier for many of the top professional tennis athletes and all level of players from novice to professional, all over the world.

Babolat actually meets with professional athletes, including Rafael Nadal for the development of new racquets. Most recently, Babolat consulted with professional tennis player, Dominic Thiem to help with the design and cosmetic features of the Pure Strike Racquet.

Natural Gut Strings vs Synthetic Strings

Today, there has been a shift from the use of natural gut strings to the synthetic variety. Babolat continues to believe that gut strings are superior for performance, feel and power. It’s a smoother feel for players. The downside is they are more expensive and don’t last as long.

How To Choose A Tennis Frame

If you’re in the market for a new racquet, a great place to start is at Omega Sports. We are happy to offer customers a few different Babolat frames to try out on the court before buying. Just visit your local Omega Sports Store to demo a frame for a small fee. We don’t believe you should have to make a large investment blindly. Best part? The demo fee will be deducted from the purchase cost of your new racquet.

One of the best things you can do is come into Omega Sports armed knowing your game. Our associates will help you choose the racquet that helps play to your strengths.

Omega Sports offers pre-strung and unstrung racquets for players of all levels. Pre-strung racquets allow a player quicker access to the game and are suitable for many beginner players. Tennis frames do have a range of tension and pre-strung frames are usually strung in the mid-tension range.

Omega offers a wide range of strings and a 24 hour turnaround time for your next tennis racquet.

Tennis Footwear

According to Bryan Ogle, next to basketball players, there isn’t any other sport harder on your feet then tennis. All the linear & lateral movements creates a lot of force on the shoe. Since tennis creates much stress on your shoe, it’s important to be fitted correctly to prevent injury and for optimal performance.

Babolat’s tennis shoes are superior in structure and actually uses Michelin rubber (yes, like the tires). Cushioning, lateral stability and lightness all make a great tennis shoes. Babolat offers a wide range of outsoles to cater to different playing surfaces and even offers a 6 month guarantee for wear in the Fury and Rage models.

Babolat offers many key models such as the Propulse Fury, the Jet Tere and SFX. Babolat has a price range beginning from $100.00, which is in line with other tennis shoe manufacturers. Babolat is know for having a durable yet light tennis shoe. Be sure to look for Babolat’s Michelin logo too.