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In this episode, we will be talking to Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer, co-founders, owners and instructors of Shred415, a fun and exciting workout from professional trainers right in your neighborhood.

Show Notes

The History of Bonnie and Tracy

Shred415 was founded by Chicago fitness enthusiasts Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer in 2011. Together, they share over 25 years of fitness experience and are excited to share their knowledge to create fun and effective workouts. Shred415 is a high intensity interval training workout that uses(4) fifteen minute intervals of training that combines treadmills and floor work. This particular workout optimizes fat loss to get you shredded faster. Shred415 classes are all led by a highly trained fitness instructor to keep members motivated and encouraged while receiving an effective workout for weight loss, toning and endurance.

Co-founder Tracy, began her career in the health industry with a degree in food science and nutrition. She was employed as a hospital dietitian and decided that this wasn’t the career path she wanted for her future. During this time, she also met and studied with fitness celebrity and Tai Bo expert, Billie Blanks in Los Angeles. She had an immediate connection to him and the workout community and found herself inspired by fitness. This led to her employment at a gym in San Francisco, CA which then eventually led her to relocate to Chicago.

Co-founder Bonnie began her career as a computer programmer, but has always had a passion for fitness. No matter how busy her day was, she always began her day with an early morning high intensity interval workout and found this helped her get through her day and stay motivated. Her passion for fitness would soon take her on a different career path.

Tracy and Bonnie happened to meet by chance while standing in line at Starbucks. Tracy was pregnant at the time and standing behind Bonnie holding her 1 year old son, Fletcher. Tracy was excited to chat up other mothers and to also get new ideas for boy’s names, as she thought she was pregnant with a boy. It turns out she was having a girl and didn’t need to “steal” Fletcher’s name after all. The two soon-to-be friends and business partners had a great conversation then went on their separate ways. A day later, Tracy and Bonnie found out they actually live in the same community and are neighbors! They quickly became friends which also led to the creation of Shred415.

The Origins of Shred415

Tracy and Bonnie both loved fitness, especially the high intensity workouts. At the time, Chicago was saturated with other workouts such as Barre, yoga and Pilates. The lack of high intensity interval training workouts in Chicago started the conversation between the two friends on what they could bring to the fitness community.

Bonnie’s experience teaching Barre classes at a local studio in Chicago and Tracy’s experience working with a big box gym gave them much insight and experience in preparing for Shred415. Both experiences gave them the knowledge to know what the fitness industry was lacking and how to make it better. This gave them the vision and expertise to start their own fitness boutique, Shred415.

Shred415 Opening

Tracy and Bonnie found quick success with the opening of Shred415 in 2011. Members of Shred415 (also known as “shredders”) were getting quick fitness results and the word quickly spread on the effectiveness of the workouts. After 6 months, they were at almost full capacity. 1 year later, they opened a second Shred415 studio about 1 mile away. The incredible results that people were achieving through these workouts eventually led to an even greater demand and wait-listed members. People found the workouts incredibly effective and fun. Tracy and Bonnie credit their “shredders” to building the Shred415 community.

Today, Shred415 has expanded across the country with 10 corporate studios and nearly 2 dozen franchise openings. The goal was not only to grow their brand but to also provide more opportunities for all the Shred415 employees. It was important for them to maintain their core values while experiencing such rapid growth. Tracy and Bonnie visit the office daily and still teach in different studios. It’s important for them to keep a very hands on approach to stay informed and maintain the goals, vision and core values of Shred415.

Shred415 loves their shredders and even celebrates a shredder of the month. Community is such an important aspect of Shred415 and it’s been amazing for them to see the friendships and relationships grow and prosper. Setting a healthy lifestyle for families and the sense of community that Shred415 inspires is what keeps them going.

Shred415 Workout Wear

When attending a Shred415 workout, it is recommended to wear clothing that will wick away sweat, a supportive and well fitting sports bra and appropriate footwear. Omega Sports offers a wide variety of shoes and apparel to meet your fitness needs. Tracy is a fan of the Nike Flyknit running shoes and highly recommends to get properly fitted for shoes especially since Shred415 workouts require quick transitions and treadmill work.

Shred415 is a very inclusive workout and is great for all athletic levels. It’s important to Tracy and Bonnie that new shredders do not feel intimidated and are able to set their own pace and modify their workout. The instructors are great at keeping motivation and are supportive throughout the programs.

Shred415 Programs

Shred415 is for everyone, at all levels of fitness! You select your weights depending on your fitness level; you set your pace on the treadmill. Walkers, joggers and hardcore runners are all welcome in class. The Shred415 approach to exercise keeps your body burning calories long after your workout is over.

Shred415 offers a variety of packages, prices and payment options for all members.

How To Shred

visit website to find your local Shred415 Studio and more information.
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For local listeners, Shred415 is expanding into North Carolina- with a studio already in Raleigh and soon to be opening this spring in Greensboro, NC

Shred415 and Omega Sports

Shred415 offers many pop-up workouts in the community and Omega Sports is excited to host workouts lead by a Shred415 instructor. Omega Sports is excited to work with local influencers and also runs a free community workout day on Saturday mornings at our stores with the help of Shred415. To find out Omega Sport’s next Shred 415 pop-up workout.