At Omega Sports, we are all about getting fit.

We know it may sound like we’re talking about health and wellness. We kind of are, but not exactly. You see, at Omega Sports our ACTIVE-PLAY Experts could easily be called (let us hash this out at our marketing meetings) FIT EXPERTS. Why Fit Experts? Because we believe in order to get faster, stronger and better fitted, every step, desired pace or game you play to win, starts at the foundation; your feet. And what is best for your feet is MEGA important to us.

Starting with our investment in advanced technology and training over the years, our Experts are here to make the best recommendations to properly fit your feet. To help you safely RUN MORE and PLAY MORE. BTW, you’ll read and hear this a lot from us.



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Here’s what matters most to us. First, we want a shoe that can biomechanically support your foot properly. Second, we want the shoe to provide comfort, because an uncomfortable shoe is never fun. Third, we want the shoe to perform well with your goals in mind. That’s why our Head of Running, Head of Sports, Head of Recovery and our Omega Sports leadership spend countless hours reviewing and analyzing products. From footwear, orthotics, socks, to recovery sandals and aides, we want to ensure our customers have access to the world’s best products.

Want Better Performance for ACTIVE-PLAY? Find out more about our free shoe fitting evaluations called Proper Fit Sessions.

Over the years, we have helped tens of thousands of customers get properly fitted for shoes. Many of whom didn’t realize they were in an incorrect size or mechanical support type. Does your feet need more neutral support or stability? What’s your gait type? Don’t stress, we can help you choose the right running shoe for your foot type. 

Lastly, it’s important to remember, it’s not just shoes. We consider everything about your feet. Orthotic insoles, performance socks and recovery sandals can help with common pains like blisters or plantar fasciitis. They can also help reduce stress on knees, ankles and other joints. Doesn’t that sound great?