The kids are excited. Soccer season is here!  And you wish you could mimic that excitement, but you are at a loss.  You just are not sure what you will need and where you will get it all.  We have the list of the essentials for your child to take the soccer field by storm this season.


Even though your team may furnish a soccer shirt, there are several other apparel items to think about.  Because the weather is so fickle this time of year, you should be prepared for both cold and heat as well as occasional rain.  Your child will need shorts that are loose fitting with plenty of room for running.  In case of cold weather, pack a pair of leggings or other spandex legwear as well as a long sleeve shirt to wear under his/her team jersey.  Look for compression-type clothing that holds in heat or clothing that can wick away moisture during warm days on the field.

Soccer socks are longer than normal tube socks so that they can go over shin guards. Opt for socks that are lightweight, moisture-wicking, and have some arch and ankle compression.  Buy multiple pairs so you are ready for rainy days and time in the laundry basket.

Cleats are used for outdoor soccer and are a bit like softball or baseball cleats except that they are made from rubber and are shorter.  Only wear them on the field.  Two reasons: 1. They will last longer if they are not worn in the house or driveway, etc.  2. They are going to get muddy and you really don’t want all that mud in your house or on your driveway.

Shin guards aren’t exactly apparel, but they are just as important as the right shoes or shorts.  Think about it. There will be a bunch of kids running together, kicking.  Someone is going to get kicked in the shin.  So to keep your child as safe as possible, and their tibias bruise-free, get the best one that you can afford.  They come in a variety of colors and sizes, so make sure you get a set that is right for your child.

Soccer Bag

Your child is ready to get on the field with the right apparel, but make sure that you are prepared as well.  A soccer bag or backpack needs to be packed and ready with the essentials for practice or game day.  These are the “I wish I had thought of that” items that are going to keep you prepared for whatever happens.  And remember that these items may be used for the spectators as well.

  • First aid kit-This can just be a small kit that can be found at any department store.  Add a few larger bandages for skinned up knees and elbows.
  • Sunscreen, lip balm, bug spray
  • Hair ties, extra socks, hand warmers
  • Extra clothing for cold or rainy days
  • Umbrella or rain jacket
  • Popsicle sticks for cleaning cleats and gallon resealable bags to store dirty cleats in
  • Trash bag for wet clothes
  • Extra shoes for going to and from the field
  • Water bottle for your player and spectators
  • Snacks such as granola bars or other foods that do not need refrigeration
  • Any emergency meds like inhalers or epi-pens and a list of emergency contacts

Practice Gear

Your soccer player is going to want to practice even while not with his/her team.  To get them ready, check out the wide variety of soccer balls available.  Check with your child’s coach for suggestions on sizing.

Practice cones are a good way to mark out the playing area for your child.  You may also want to check out the practice nets. Your soccer player will have fun while acquiring skills.

In the Car

Don’t forget the car.  Folding lawn chairs, blankets, and a cooler are all important, especially for the spectators.  If bringing other children to the game, be sure to bring water bottles for everyone and snacks to keep them occupied.  A folding wagon is a great idea for transporting all the gear from the parking lot to the field.  An umbrella for shade is also desired on those especially hot and sunny days.

You and your child will enjoy this soccer season if you take the time upfront to be prepared.  And check out our selection at or call us at 1-800-232-9193 and let us know how we can help.