During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone in the U.S. is being encouraged to practice social distancing. This means most kids are home from school for social isolation, and most libraries, parks, and kid-friendly venues are closed. Although your children may be participating in some virtual educational activities, they still have a lot of time on their hands. It’s easy for them to feel bored and inclined to get into trouble if they can’t burn off all that energy.

Here are some ways you can keep your kids active while they must stay at home indefinitely. Ensure that your kids have the proper athletic shoes, sandals, and slides for every outdoor activity and specialized sporting gear when they raise their heart rate and have fun!

Outdoor Sports

  • Cornhole. This game requires two or four players. You can make the game with spare lumber and by stuffing old socks, or you can order a plastic version of the game that can be left outdoors.
  • Soccer. Use PVC pipe and netting to make your own goal post or use cloth flags to delineate a section of the fence for the scoring area.
  • Basketball. You can attach a backboard and a hoop over the garage or get a basketball hoop with its own stand.
  • Walking. As long as you have visual contact of your kids, everyone in the family can walk at their own pace.
  • Jogging. If you prefer cooler temperatures, the best time to run is early in the morning or right before dusk. Track your time with a sports watch.
  • Running. Use the family car to measure the length of a course around the block. Your smartphone or pedometer will track your distance and number of calories burned.
  • Cycling. Everyone can ride together, but be sure to get helmets for the kids.
  • Swimming. Doing short laps or water aerobics will definitely cool things off.
  • Volleyball. You can make a net by stretching several yards of sheer material, such as screening or clear plastic, between two posts. With two players, you can volley the ball back and forth.
  • Lawn tennis. It’s easy to use the same makeshift net and poles created for volleyball to make a backyard tennis court on a cement pad or grassy area. Volley a tennis ball or badminton back and forth over the net.
  • Throw a football or a baseball.
  • Bounce a dodgeball or tennis ball against the back wall of the house.

Indoor Sports

  • Make an indoor obstacle course for rainy days with furniture, pillows, jump ropes, dumbbells, a mini-trampoline, toys, a foam roller, and other household items. To make it fun, you can clock adults and kids for the record time.
  • Do yoga, calisthenics, stretches, or exercise videos together in front of the flat-screen TV. You might need a soft mat to spread out over the carpet or hard floor for better traction.
  • Play jump rope while you crank the tunes loud on the radio.

The easiest way to keep the kids active during the outbreak is to plan different activities for each day. Ensure that your immediate family members are the only ones participating in these sports to minimize germ exposure.

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