Omega Sports partnered with On and a local Charlotte Influencer for our first ever Mega Gift On initiative.

In October 2020, Omega Sports Chief Marketing Officer, Del Scheitler reached out to Susan Garcelon, a leader at On for a bold request.

He requested, “Can we share the gift of On running shoes and apparel with a few respected neighbors in our communities?” Susan was game. And our very first #MegaGiftOn was launched.

Del asked our Mega Influencer, Deanna O’Conner in Charlotte to help. Deanna partnered with our Park Road neighborhood sports store to help find the right items for three selected individuals in our community. Market Leader, Chase and Asst. Manager, Brandon were thrilled to host the Mega Gift On.

We love the idea of partnering with On to gift neighbors in our community new running shoes and apparel, says Chase Cline, Market Leader at Omega Sports.

Joining the gift giving was Sam Montclair, On’s Technical Representative for the Carolinas. Sam works with Omega Sports’ Active-Play Experts throughout North Carolina to better understand the features and mechanics of On’s products

Before gifting out shoes and apparel, Chase and Sam took some time to highlight three of On’s most popular running shoes sold at the Park Road store. They highlighted the Cloud X, Cloudflow and Cloudflyer for our Saturday Mega Wellness Live Facebook Show.

Deanna and our Park Road store selected three neighbors in Charlotte and surrounding areas. These individuals truly represent growing a greater neighborship with their community and align with Omega Sports’ mission to run more, more move and play more.

Let’s meet the neighbors selected for the Mega Gift On.

Mega Gift On Recipient: Heather, ER Nurse

Mega Gift On Recipient: Sara, Enthusiastic Half Marathoner and Run Club Supporter

Mega Gift On Recipient: Drew, CrossFit Athlete and Fitness Inspiration

“We had a amazing time with all of these deserving neighbors. Each of them represents enthusiasm, passion and community camaraderie. We are proud to have them geared up with On running shoes and apparel,” says Sam Montclair, On Tech Rep.

Watch the full show hosted by Omega Sports CMO. Del is joined by Sam and Deanna to talk about Mega Gift On.