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Runners, if you’ve ever experienced a snapping painful sensation around the knee, you may want to read this information shared by Dr. Sankey with TruMotion Therapy.

Charlotte Chiropractor, Dr. Sankey regularly shares his passion for staying active and his expertise on musculoskeletal pain and injuries.

So, what is the IT band?

Dr. Sankey explains, the IT band is a thick band of connective tissue that runs from the hip to the knee. It helps stabilize your hip and leg when you move and even keeps your femur from bending. Yes, the strongest bone in your body would bend if it weren’t for the IT band.

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What can cause IT Band Syndrome?

  • Over-training
  • Weak hip muscles
  • Over striding
  • Imbalances around the foot or ankle

Why you should not foam roll an IT band.

The IT band is very tough. Foam rolling aching body parts is a common practice for most runners, but Dr. Sankey recommends time can be better spent on the IT band.


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REPOST: @trumotiontherapy – Management of IT band syndrome should involve strengthening the weak muscles, mobilizing the tight areas, addressing any gait issues, and modifying the training volume. Additional therapies like dry needling, laser therapy, and adjustments can help speed the process along.

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Get more information about IT Band Syndrome and how it can be treated.

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