Welcome to the Omega Sports Women’s Only Podcast, hosted by Cleo Faucette.

In this episode, we will be talking to Natalie, Market Leader for Omega Sports Greensboro and will be discussing the importance of good running shoes.

Show Notes

Meet Natalie

Natalie has been with Omega Sports for 6 years and was the previous assistant manager at our Omega Sports’ Winston-Salem store. Prior to arriving at Omega Sports, Natalie began her career as a substitute teacher and even worked in a salon. Natalie considers herself a tomboy and loves focusing on her fitness and weight lifting.

Natalie’s passion for sports

Natalie considers her co-workers at Omega Sports family and truly loves what she does. We have the best customers! Although Natalie doesn’t consider herself a runner, she does know the great importance of being fitted in the correct shoes for your sport. And she’s always been active, from playing soccer, to her intense treadmill workouts and fulfilling her passion for bodybuilding. Her fitness background has come in handy when assisting customers, whether they are a seasoned athlete or are just beginning their fitness journey.

Running shoes are NOT exclusive to running

It’s a common misconception that running shoes only benefit runners. But, that’s entirely not true! Running shoes are great for walking, or even as your everyday shoe. The extra cushioning and support that running shoes provides not only helps improve athletic performance and prevent injuries but are great for those on their feet all day. Natalie and the Active-Play Experts at Omega Sports frequently fit professionals such as doctors and nurses and those that need extra support.

Common Questions from customers

Natalie answers and discusses the most common questions that Omega Sports customer’s ask, including:

  • When is it time to retire my running shoes?
  • Does the surface that you run on affect the wear of your shoes?
  • Do I need to break in my new running shoes?
  • Do orthotics change the type of running shoe I should wear?
  • How important is shoe width? Can women wear men’s shoes?

Listen to the Podcast to find the answers to these questions and more. Plus, find out which shoes Natalie and Cleo love to wear themselves.

Function over fashion

Please don’t select your next pair of running shoes based on color and aesthetics alone. We’re sure many of us are guilty of this shoe-buying sin. Fortunately, running shoes are available in many popular brands and styles and it’s important to recognize that selecting the best running shoe is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The best shoe for one person may be an improper shoe for another. The best running shoe is going to be the shoe that fits you properly and is appropriate for your activity level, discipline and gait. It’s all about proper support and function!

This is why Omega Sports offers a free Gait analysis and proper shoe fitting for all customers. All of our Active-Play Experts follow a 3 step approach that ensures each customer leaves the store with a shoe that fits their needs. Proper fit is imperative to prevent blisters, plantar fasciitis and so many other common injuries. Visit for more information.

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