Welcome to the Omega Sports Women’s Only Podcast, hosted by Cleo Faucette.

In this episode, we will be talking to Daisy, our Market Leader in the Triangle at our North Hills store, about how a good pair of running shoes can make all the difference.

Show Notes

Meet Daisy

Daisy has been with Omega Sports for over 5 years and is now the Assistant Market Leader at our North Hills store in Raleigh. If you’ve never met Daisy, make sure to swing by the store sometime! Small in stature, but big in personality, she loves meeting new people and helping customers. From dance to soccer and even rugby, Daisy has always been very active since childhood and throughout her college years. Daisy is also an avid runner and loves sharing her knowledge of running! You can find Daisy helping Omega Sports customers find the perfect style and fit for all their Active-Play needs. She especially knows the importance of finding the correct running shoes.

Both Daisy and Cleo love Superfeet! If you haven’t heard of Superfeet, they are cushioning shoe insoles that help absorb impact and provides the ultimate support. They are complete game-changers!

Listen to the show to find out Daisy’s current top favorites for running shoes. Hint; she may mention On, Saucony and Brooks.

How to find the perfect shoe

The fit process at Omega Sports is incredibly important and is completely tailored to each customer. During the proper fit session process, it’s important to know the customer and learn their goals and current activities. We start by learning about your issues. What problems are you having? What activities are you participating in? How can we increase your performance and comfort? Being in the correct shoe for each sport is one of the top strategies in helping customers. For example, the proper shoe for cross-fit will be completely different for running and so on.

At Omega Sports, we offer free fitting evaluations with state-of-the-art foot scanning technology and trained experts to help make the right individualized recommendations. Evaluations are quick and easy. You can walk away with extra confidence in knowing that you are helping yourself to a proper fit, with more comfort and improved performance. Find out more about our Proper Fit Sessions.