Head of Marketing, Del hosts today’s show with special guests, Cleo Faucette (Omega Sports’ Head of Apparel) and Jen (Brand Expert for Handful).

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On today’s episode, Jen discusses the mission of Handful and answers some viewer questions about this popular, inspirational women’s apparel brand. Handful is a women’s activewear company with products that include sport’s bras, leggings, tops, and more. They are designed to take you from your workout, all the way through to an evening out with your friends. Handful is a fun, fashionable activewear company made for women by women. Each piece is made with women in mind for the ultimate fit and comfort, while still looking good.

“Women shouldn’t have to sacrifice fashion for function.” – Jen

Handful believes that women are inspirational and their goal is to make a positive impact on women’s lives and provide them with the quality activewear that they need and deserve. All women are strong, beautiful, resilient, and powerful. The activewear at Handful feels great, looks great, and is highly functional. The Founder and CEO, Jennifer Ferguson was inspired to start Handful while on the search for the perfect sports bra. A personal trainer herself, she just couldn’t find a bra that could take her from the morning until the night, while being comfortable, functional and that actually fit her body.

Growing up, Jennifer was often told that “she’s a handful” which is the inspiration for the company name and motto. Instead of taking this comment as an insult, Jennifer actually embraced it as a compliment and believes that all women should be a handful. No matter what life throws at you, grab life by the handful.


“Handful is about more than bras, more than the “girls” inside the bra. We’re about Us, the bigger, plural, life-is-better-together Us. About women. Unique and wonderful as individuals. Unstoppable together.” – Handful



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Next, Del, Cleo, and Jen answer viewer questions about women’s activewear:

Q: What should I look for when choosing a good pair of tights? – Melissa from Greensboro

A: Fit, material, and comfort all go a long way when selecting the best leggings for you. Don’t be afraid to try them on and move around in them. It’s also important to make sure that the fabric has some compression (which holds you in) and can pass the squat test (not too sheer when squatting and bending). Make sure to check the rise as sometimes you may need to size up or down depending on how you like the fit. So try them on, move around and make sure you’re comfortable and supported.

Handful leggings such as their Wi-Thi Pocketed Legging are made with 37.5® fabric technology that helps regulate temperature control and keeps embarrassing sweat marks away. While Handfuls Squeeze Play leggings have some strategically designed ruching in the back to keep areas covered as you bend, stretch, and move. Handful has thought of everything and designs its activewear based on women’s needs.

Q: Do you offer bra fittings in your stores? – Tammy from Winston-Salem

A: Absolutely! All of our Omega Sports Active-Play Experts, both women and men are available to assist you with bra fittings. Yes, you heard correctly! Our male Active-Play Experts are also highly trained to assist you, but if you prefer a female associate, please don’t be afraid to ask. Our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all customers. We always recommend trying bras on and make sure to move around in them, jump up and down to ensure proper fit and function. Also, keep your workout in mind when choosing a bra, since low, medium, and high impact workouts will need different support levels depending on the impact.

Find a location near you to get a bra fitting.

Q: Is it ever a good idea to buy activewear for your wife? – John from Greensboro

A: Yes! It’s a great idea! And don’t be afraid to pick out a few items that she normally wouldn’t pick out for herself. We find that women also like matching sets in activewear and we can help you pick out the bra, top, and leggings to complete her outfit. Remember, at Omega Sports, you can always refund or exchange your purchase.

Q: What’s your return policy on sports bras? – Sarah from Raleigh

A: We believe that proper fit is extremely important, and will happily exchange or return your purchase. See our full return policy on our website.

Q: I can’t seem to find a sports bra. It’s either got too much padding or not enough. What options are out there to consider? – Jennifer from Raleigh

A: Handful knows that women like options. That’s why the bras at Handful have removable Lights Out™ padding that can easily be removed, depending on your preference. This has been a game-changer for women!

Q: How frequently should you replace your sports bras? – Joan from Wilmington

A: Great question! We like to say that your sports bra should never have a birthday. To take that suggestion one step further, we recommend that you rotate your bras every six months but it really depends on your activity level as well. More use will result in needing to replace them sooner, or you may be able to go a little longer, depending on your lifestyle. And, remember that no matter your cup size, your sports bra is one of the best investments that you can make. The ligaments in the breasts always need to be properly supported to prevent stretching and other negative consequences, so if you notice some wear and tear, it’s a great idea to go ahead and replace your bra sooner.

Handful’s Fight Against Breast Cancer

Handful is actively fighting against breast cancer. For every Battle Cry Pink bras sold, Handful gives 12.5% of revenue to YSC (Young Survival Coalition) in recognition of the 1 in 8 women (12.5%) who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

Breast cancer survivors are eligible for a lifetime 30% discount on all Handful bras and activewear through their Breast Friends Forever program. From diagnosis to beyond, Handful is here to support you.

Omega Sports is proud to carry Handful activewear in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Stop by anytime and let one of our Active-Play Experts guide you on this inclusive, fashionable, and functional activewear brand.