In today’s episode, Omega Sports Head of Marketing, Del Scheitler catches up with Steve Long, owner of Shred415 fitness studio in Greensboro, NC. Find out about Shred415 workouts, their contagious (and we don’t mean covid) positive environment, and an exciting event coming soon.


Steve Long, owner of Shred415 Greensboro

Steve is the franchise owner and operator of Shred415 fitness studio located in Greensboro, NC. Fitness and sports have always been a part of Steve’s lifestyle from playing collegiate football to mountain biking and loves keeping active with his family. Steve’s love for the fitness community is what inspired him to open Shred415. He enjoys helping the community come together and get fit in a fun, family-oriented environment.

He shares, “It’s truly a supportive community!” The culture at Shred415 is one of positivity and they have quickly built a reputation as being an all-inclusive, family-oriented fitness studio.


Steve opened the doors to his Shred415 in Greensboro in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, so it definitely wasn’t an easy beginning. He credits the outstanding community support from businesses like Omega Sports for getting and helping to keep the doors open. Steve relied on virtual classes, popups, and outdoor activities early on during the pandemic and gained so much support from the community. Today, his fitness studio is able to open and they have implemented safety protocols to help keep you working out safely.


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What is the Shred415 Workout?

The flagship Shred415 workout is 4, 15-minute interval workouts completed in one session. For example, you may start out doing a floor workout consisting of body and dynamic movements (with or without weights) for 15 minutes. Once completed, you will then be immediately guided to a treadmill to complete a series of drills for another 15 minutes. This is then repeated for a total of 4, 15-minute increments. This high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout is designed to bring your heart rate up and down for the ultimate total body workout. The workouts are designed to be fun, fly by quickly, and provide a feeling of accomplishment all while getting in a great workout. You will definitely get results!


All body types, ages, and fitness levels are welcome at Shred415. From beginners to elite athletes, they have something for you. A fitness trainer is always available to assist you and cheer you on! Their positive, motivating trainers are ready to guide you on your workout and offer modifications to suit your fitness levels and needs. And, it’s not just about your physical well-being at Shred415. It’s about feeling connected and also supporting members mentally and emotionally too. It’s designed to be a stress-free zone and it’s all about celebrating the wins along the way!



Navigating safely throughout the pandemic has definitely been a top priority for Shred415. Steve and his team have been actively following government guidelines as well as using common sense to keep all members as safe as possible. They have been running on a limited compacity and have implemented social distancing and spacing throughout the studio. Masks are required at all times and temperatures are taken upon arrival. All equipment and treadmills are not shared during the workout sessions and everything is completely cleaned and sanitized in between workouts.

Steve answers your questions on how to choose a fitness studio.

Q: I’ve tried HIIT workouts before and felt like I couldn’t keep up. What levels of training do you offer? – Calia from Greensboro

A: At Shred415, we don’t believe that HIIT workouts should be about “keeping up.” For this reason, we don’t keep any leader boards in the studio and we want to focus on what you can do as an individual. It’s important for us to get to know each member, your fitness level, and your goals. We always offer modifications, while taking you through a very solid workout.

Q: Do you allow teenagers to work out with a parent? – Thomas from Greensboro

A: Absolutely! We even offer different workouts designed for different age groups for our younger members. Safety is a top priority, so we recommend our programs for ages 13 and up, and require that parents accompany all teenagers.

Q: Do you offer one on one training? – Missy from Raleigh

A: We currently do not offer one on one training. However, we do spend time learning about each member in order to properly guide you on the correct exercises for you. While our workouts are conducted in a group setting, instructors are always available to offer modifications and coach you for your individual needs.

Q: What should you ask when you’re signing up for a fitness studio, especially with COVID happening? – Katie from High Point

A: Great question! We encourage you to visit the facility and try the workout before deciding on a studio. We actually offer one free workout for everyone to make sure we’re the right fit. We love showing potential new members the entire facility, starting with our childcare area, locker rooms, shower area, and fitness studio. Don’t be afraid to talk with the instructors and front desk staff as well. It’s about finding a fitness studio that works for you!

Shred the Tread 5k

Steve has partnered with Omega Sports for a special event planned in April called Shred the Tread 5k that will be happening inside his Shred415 studio.

Shred the Tread 5k is an indoor race that will take place on Woodway treadmills inside the Shred415 Greensboro studio. 8 runners (per time slot) will be running simultaneously starting at 7:00 am and will continue until 6:00 pm on April 24, 2021. All runners that complete the 5k will get a goodie bag, t-shirt, and medal. They’ll also have door prizes and raffles!

Shred415 Greensboro treadmills

Come complete a 5K on a top-of-the-line Woodway treadmill in a comfortable, air-conditioned environment. Runners and walkers are welcome too!

If you want more information about Shred415 Greensboro or a Shred415 near you, get more information here.