Head of Marketing, Del Scheitler hosts today’s show with a special guest, Alicia Rider, Omega Sports’ MEGA Influencer and Shred415 Trainer. In today’s episode, Alicia discusses the importance of finding a training program that fits your lifestyle. The important thing is to stay active and have health awareness.

Alicia is an outstanding runner and health advocate. She believes that people should strive to be better versions of themselves. Alicia says that people run for various reasons, including competition, fitness, or in memory of a loved one. Whatever the cause, “we are all one huge running family.”

 Start slow when starting a run regimen

“Start slow, start small, and build on that; the body is an amazing thing” -Alicia.

Alicia’s advice for any person is whether you want to start running, or whatever activity it is, is you must start slow. Many people tend to make the mistake of forcing themselves. This can lead to injuries and often causes people to quit before they even really get started.

Start slow when beginning to run to avoid injury

Alicia always had asthma her whole life. She’s also had braces on her legs when she was just a kid to straighten them back out. After her pregnancy, she got rheumatoid arthritis. Starting from that point, it became her mission in life to be someone who could advocate and use her platform of running for good by bringing awareness to health, especially to rheumatoid arthritis.

You can learn more about Alicia’s story on our podcast.

Alicia advises people that need encouragement to sign up for running events; they will meet many encouraging people to help them.

“But the biggest thing is, like I said, do what you can do. There are days that I cannot run, but I can still swim; there are days that I cannot do anything. I must allow myself grace. So, I think the biggest thing is allowing yourself grace while you’re training but do what you can do.” – Alicia Rider.

Shred the Tread 5k

Alicia invites everyone to participate in the Shred the Tread 5k will take place on Woodway treadmills at the Shred415 Greensboro Studio. Participants who complete the run will receive a goodie bag, t-shirt, and a medal. You can either run, walk or do both if you prefer. Not only do you get a prize for completing the race, there will be product giveaways from sponsors.