Kristin Carlock is one of the owners and Chief HR Officer at Omega Sports. She works in partnership with her husband, Craig, to push Omega Sports into the next generation. Before Omega, her life centered around her two children, volunteer work, fitness, and golf.


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The Omega Sports Women's Only Podcast, hosted by Cleo Faucette


Omega Sports, Head of Apparel, Cleo Faucette recently sat down with Kristin to ask her a few questions.

What keeps Kristin excited?

The thing that keeps Kristin the most excited about Omega Sports is the people. People like Cleo, Mark, Tom. All the store managers, district managers, buyers, and the e-commerce team are the people that make all the difference in the world. The people at Omega Sports are ACTIVE-PLAY Experts. They love sports; they are trained in sports and they are willing to help our friends and neighbors stay active.

Omega has talented buyers. The buying team in a small business like Omega doesn’t have unlimited dollars. So vendors must be chosen carefully. Kristin is very excited about the opportunity to provide the best products with her trained staff this upcoming season.

What exciting things are coming in the spring?

We love our footwear brands like Brooks, New Balance, On, Hoka, and Saucony. They have all have been really supportive of local retailers like Omega Sports during the pandemic. Kristin is excited about the new shoe inventory. As a swimmer, she is really excited about what Cleo will buy for competitive and casual swimmers.

Kristin also loves the “MEGA Rewards” program. It’s a free program that gives you rewards points for every purchase. For every $50 you spend, you get $5 in rewards.

How important are the customers?

Kristin is super grateful because customers have continued to support us when we were closed. They called and participated in curbside pick up, and ordered online. North Carolina supports its businesses and Kristin is proud to say she lives in North Carolina.

Omega has also made it safe to shop in our stores. Our ACTIVE-PLAY EXPERTS wear masks and have upheld the Governor’s request for customers to wear masks. We have hand sanitizers, shields and wash our hands regularly. Like everyone else, we can’t wait for the day we don’t wear masks again.

Let’s dive into Kristin swimming Alcatraz

Kristin Swimming Alcatraz

Yes, that Alcatraz! Kristin knew that swimming at Alcatraz was something she could do, so she signed up for the race. The hardest part for her was the jump. It’s a 10ft. drop into cold water, which instantly gives you an ice cream headache. You have to just start swimming and hope the sharks stay in their place.

To prepare, she swam twice a week. She focused on distance swimming, approximately 1.5 miles. You also need to bring a good mental game. The mental game is as important as your physical game.

Kristin Swimming Alcatraz

It’s important at Omega Sports to help neighbors lead active lives. And with active owners, like Kristin, it’s easy to stay motivated and encouraged to passionately chase major goals. If you’re looking to play a new sport or just need new running or walking footwear or gear, Omega Sports has a team of experts able to help properly fit you and keep you safely geared up.

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