Omega Sports is proud to welcome Dr. Scott Jablonka to the Omega Sports team. Dr. Jablonka is a performance physical therapist the host of our newest podcast series called Move More Podcast. On the podcast, he educates listeners on fitness misconceptions and encourages them to get out there and move! We learn more about his company, Carolina Movement Doc. We’ll dive into how he helps athletes recover better, move better, and perform better without pain.

Dr. Scott Jablonka’s Background

Dr. Jablonka is not from North Carolina. He is originally from upstate New York, so what brought him down to our neck of the woods? Well, the freezing winters are enough to motivate anybody to move on out of there. On top of that, he was feeling stuck and stagnant. These feelings kicked his motivation into overdrive. Scott was looking for a change with different clientele, and having already visited North Carolina on many occasions, he figured that Charlotte would be a great place to start.

CrossFit Meets Omega Sports

I know what you are thinking – what is a CrossFit guy doing at Omega Sports? This is a first for us, but the truth is that Omega is more than just running. CrossFit is more than just high-intensity interval training. The truth is both areas of fitness have the tools to complement each other. A huge part of CrossFit is running and maintaining flexibility, and this just so happens to be where Dr. Jablonka’s niche lies.

Before discovering CrossFit, he was a soccer player making it to the semi-pro level. Following that, he entered the triathlon world. Both of these life experiences helped shape him into the expert that he is. He can analyze movements, see injuries before they even happen, and stop them in their track. Having a skill like this more than qualifies him to be a part of the Omega team and not to mention that he is a doctor!

Dr. Scott Jablonka & Establishing a Brand

With almost six years of Carolina residency under his belt, Dr. Jablonka has cemented himself as the go-to physical therapist in the area. He established himself at Carolina Orthopedics as an expert in the market of working with athletes. Having built credibility for himself, Dr. Jablonka wanted to give back to the community and participate in something that brings people together for fun and fitness. Beers and Burpees is an annual charity event whose mission is to influence others to get up and work out together. All proceeds go to The Changing Lives Together Foundation, a charity that works directly with kids with special needs to helps them get out and play.

Move More Podcast With Host Dr. Scott Jablonka

We would be remiss if we did not mention the whole reason as to why Dr. Jablonka joined the Omega Sports team. He is the host of the Move More Podcast. When we asked Scott to be on the podcast, we invited him to do a test. Scott just knocked it out of the park! We were talking about him for weeks; his radio experience shined through.

The main goal of the podcast is to educate people on fitness, staying healthy, and overall wellness. But the main takeaway is the notion of preventing chronic diseases by getting stronger, being more active, and recovery! Recovery is a huge part of fitness; it is just as important as diet and exercise. Through Move More, Omega is providing the right tools to remain active while staying injury-free.

“Understand that it’s a process. Perfection is not the goal, consistency, and persistence is the goal.”

Dr. Scott Jablonka is the Carolina Movement Doc

What is the ideal patient for Carolina Movement Doc? As Dr. Jablonka puts it, it is for anyone who truly wants to get better. Some people have already decided on the outcome without considering physical therapy. These are the people who are the hardest ones to treat because they have to be convinced to do something. Most of these people have been injured and are hesitant because physical therapy has failed them in the past. But they have not tried Dr. Jablonka, and there is a reason why he is highly sought. His advice is to simply not give up and give physical therapy a shot.

Dr. Scott Jablonka with Carolina Movement Doc.

Listener Questions

I want to make sure that I can still run in my 60s and older; what should I be doing more or less?

If there is one thing you will not ever hear Dr. Jablonka say, it is to stop running. Even if there is a bit of pain, he can set you on a path to help ease that pain. What should reduce the older you get is sugar and alcohol. Nutrition is key.

How much rest is required to build muscle mass?

Typically, 48 hours of rest between muscles groups is recommended. At least days rest in between heavy intensity workouts. A two-day on one-day off regiment is a safe place to start. Building mass has way more to do with nutrition than with the gym.

Does foam rolling work or is it just a fad?

Foam rolling is definitely not a fad. If anything, it is misunderstood. It is a matter of what your goal with it is. If you are using it for flexibility, you probably will not see any results. But if you use it as a warm-up, you will find workouts may be easier.

Should you limit your cardio when you are trying to limit muscle weight?

Cardio has a synergetic effect with strength training. Both complement each other, and it is best to implement both into your regime.