On Saturday, April 24, 2021, students from UNC-Chapel Hill gathered in Chapel Hill in front of the Geer family home. They anxiously awaited the arrival of the Dream On 3 limo van carrying Dream Team Leader, Stephen Vaughn, and the photo and video team from Grant Maginnis Photography. All were there to surprise 5-year old Kendall Geer. 

Dream On 3 created a Big-man-on-campus experience

Kendall is an upbeat and cheerful UNC fanatic who lives with down syndrome. The students, which included members of the UNC women’s LAX team, were there to cheer him on as he was gifted a sports-themed dream experience made possible by the UNC-Chapel Hill Dream Collegiate Dream Team that helped create and fundraise for the dream to happen. Kendall’s experience was loaded with amazing Tar Heel gear, sports gifts, and big-man-on-campus moments on the field and court.

Dream On 3 is a non-profit organization based in Charlotte, North Carolina. For nearly a decade, they have been creating VIP experiences for children with chronic illnesses, intellectual and developmental disabilities, or life-altering conditions. These experiences are thoughtfully created with community support to make magical sports dreams come true for deserving children.

How Omega Sports is partnering

Omega Sports is proud to begin working with Dream On 3 to help all kids PLAY MORE. We were honored to join everyone in Chapel Hill to see Kendall’s reveal and send-off. 

“Omega Sports has always been a big community supporter. For more than 4-decades, we’ve helped gear up generations of North Carolinians for sports and active-play needs. Today, was special for us. It signified the start of something meaningful that I’m proud to help lead called, The Omega Sports Play More Initiative. Working with organizations like Dream On 3, our goal is to ensure all kids can PLAY MORE. It’s amazing what happens when friends and neighbors work together to create more happiness for those in need. This is what GOOD NEIGHBORSHIP is all about.” – Del Scheitler, Chief Marketing Officer at Omega Sports

Here are some wonderful moments we captured that morning. Including an interview with UNC-Chapel Hill graduates Carrigan Bain and Ashley Cavanagh. They helped lead the Colligate Dream Team and were the lucky members to knock on Kendall’s door that morning.


The two-day experience concluding on the courts.

See photos provided by Dream On 3

The whole Geer family was able to witness Kendall being celebrated and lifted up at every stop of his specially planned weekend. And yes, Chic Fil A was on the agenda as well. Photography by  Grant Maginnis Photography



Check out this great coverage as well from ABC 11.

Learn more about Dream on 3, please check out their website and follow them on Instagram.