Swim goggles are a great way to protect your eyes from the water and allow you to see clearly and properly when getting those laps in.

But does the thought of wearing goggles in the pool cause you some discomfort? For some swimmers, especially children, goggles be too tight, which may create deep rings around the eyes or even give you a headache when they are too small. It’s also common for goggle straps to pull on the hair when they fit too tight.

Rather than skipping the goggles altogether, we have the ultimate simple solution. Bungees! A bungee strap can easily replace the rubber or silicone strap on almost any set of goggles and it’s a super affordable way to customize the fit. It’s a durable way to create a secure, double strap that is easily adjustable, comfortable, and gentle on the hair.

Use the following tips to switch your goggle strap to a bungee strap:

  1. Remove the original strap from your swim goggles.
  2. Open the packaging of the bungee strap kit and set aside the toggle.
  3. Insert bungee strap into one end of the goggles (towards the front of goggles). Pull it through and repeat on the other side.
  4. Put the two bungee strap ends together. Pick up your toggle. While pinching the toggle together, insert both ends of the bungee cord through the toggle and pull it through. You’ll now have the bungee cord connected to your goggles and it’s ready to be fitted.
  5. If desired, trim the excess bungee for a customized fit.

Still feeling like you need some assistance? That’s what we’re here for. Visit one of our Omega Sports store locations and let an Active-Play Expert help you select your next pair of goggles, bungee strap kit and even show you how to do the switch.