Could a past traumatic incident on water or an innate case of aquaphobia be what’s held you back from learning how to swim? Or, perhaps you just never had the desire to learn. Swimming is not only an excellent skill to learn at any age, but it’s also a great activity to enjoy with friends and among the best exercises that can help keep you physically fit.

Swimming Skills Save Lives

While many are young children, but did you know that about ten people drown every day from unintentional or accidental drowning in the United States? What’s more confounding is that a good percentage of adults might be able to float or splash around but are unable to swim at a professional level, meaning they would be unable to surface, swim, or exit without the use of a ladder if they were to fall into a pool.

Learning how to swim is necessary for people of all ages reasons being it can;
• Prevent accidental drowning.
• Help people with aquaphobia overcome their fear of being close to the water.
• Help individuals become strong swimmers who can teach or save others.
• Keep you from missing out on fun water-based activities with family and friends.
• Keep fit with aqua aerobics or swimming laps.

Learn How To Swim: How To Begin

Suppose you are looking to take private adult swim lessons. In that case, you should consider joining an adult swim club either in the Charlotte, the Triad, the Triangle, and Wilmington, North Carolina area. To learn how to swim safely, it’s recommended to consult a coach. A swim coach will gauge the level of comfort and skill you have in the water, then start to work on basic water movements like floating and breathing, as different swimming strokes are incorporated to help you build your strength and confidence in the water, while you learn how to swim.

Proper Gear Is Key

Whether you want to learn how to swim to use the skill for safety, exercise, leisure, or maybe you want to get into professional swimming to teach swim lessons to others; you must have the proper gear. If you are training for the first time or competitively, make sure you have the following swimming gear;
• Quality swim goggles and a bungee to allow a custom fit for your goggles
One-piece swimsuit and swim cap
Nose clip
Kickboard, hand paddles, and swim fins

fins, goggles and paddleboard by pool

Learn How To Swim: Popular Adult Swim Clubs

Swimming is a great interactive skill that can be learned at any age to help keep your heart and body healthy. Furthermore, if you want to participate in water activities such as boating, kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, going to the beach, water skiing, surfing, or sailing, it is a skill you need to master. Not sure where to take your swimming lessons? Check out these four areas in North Carolina where you can find adult swim clubs to learn how to swim;

• CHARLOTTE — You can start from any level and work toward improving your technique and reaching your swimming goals with professional coaches and instructors at the Charlotte Sunsational Swim School.

• THE TRIAD — You’re in luck if you live in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point Triad because you have quite a few swim clubs to choose from. You have Sherwood Swim and Racquet in Greensboro, the YMCA in Winston-Salem, and the famous Triangle Aquatic center.

• THE TRIANGLE — There are a few swim clubs in the heart of North Carolina; more specifically, the Triangle Swim School focuses on grownups who have a fear of water. The classes are from levels 1 to 3, whose goal is to take inexperienced but willing adults and teaching them to be comfortable in the water while gradually learning advanced swimming techniques.

• WILMINGTON — For those looking for private adult swim lessons in Wilmington, North Carolina, there is the AquaMobile Swim School, whose classes are tailored to individual needs.

While there are many benefits to being part of group swim classes, the above-mentioned adult swim clubs understand the importance of tailored lessons. Such classes are designed to provide one-on-one time with the instructor for individuals who are particularly anxious about swimming or are taking longer to become accustomed to the water.

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