On this episode of The Omega Sports Show, we served up a fun interview with Candace Kaufman, Director of Marketing for USTA North Carolina. ⁠She joined our Head of Marketing, Del Scheitler, and Head of Play, Mark Caudle for some fun tennis talk.

We kicked things off by sharing how excited we are at Omega Sports to be the Official Sports Store of USTA North Carolina. Head of Play, Mark Caudle brings the pink (watch the show to see what we mean!), discusses the tremendous growth of tennis we’ve seen, and how excited we are to work with USTA North Carolina and help grow the sport. Omega Sports is excited to involve the local community as well by building focus groups in Greensboro and Raleigh to help pick the best products for the sport. We can’t think of a better way to provide the best in tennis by consulting with local players themselves.

USTA North Carolina is also excited to grow its partnerships by adding Omega Sports as its Official Sports Store. Candace Kaufman, USTA NC’s Director of Marketing, said “the NC Tennis Association has worked with Omega Stores throughout the years and is excited to form an official partnership.” We are excited to continue our partnership at a deeper level,” says Kaufman.

Candace Kaufman, Director of Marketing for USTA North Carolina

Candace Kaufman has been with North Carolina Tennis for over 2 years promoting and growing tennis in every aspect whether playing recreationally or as part of a league. She’s brought a tremendous amount of experience to the organization helping them grow with exciting grassroots, out-of-the-box ideas.  “It’s always a win for us when we can get people on the courts, get them healthier and moving more.” -says Candace. Her background has always kept her in the sports industry from the NFL, the NBA, MLB, and even NASCAR. So, it’s very fitting for Candace to be working with tennis and supporting the sport across the state.

Candace shares how the pandemic drove even more players onto courts around the world. Tennis grew beyond her expectations, so there really wasn’t a slowdown and tennis sales were through the roof. It also brought a whole new group of people to tennis without very little marketing effort. Tennis is a great sport to enjoy with family and friends. It’s a challenging sport mentally that requires intense focus and strategy. Candace has seen exponential growth in tennis throughout the years through special programs that the USTA has launched, which allow players to hit the courts depending on their experience level. People are just excited to get outside, learn a new sport, or even return to playing again.

Omega Sports has also seen high demand for tennis gear and is continuing its effort to improve and grow tennis online and in stores. “We’re listening to the players, bringing in new brands as well as stocking trusted favorites.” – says Mark Caudle.

Candance really enjoys working with the tennis community and finds so much inspiration in the sport. “Tennis has the power to change the world.” She’s proud to be a part of an organization that brings a variety of programs and scholarships to the community across the entire state. From wheelchair tennis to working with people with disabilities, and even working to repair and build tennis courts, the USTA is here to spread the sport and give back to the community. There’s such a friendship and camaraderie in the sport of tennis. Candace has met some amazing, enthusiastic, and positive people along the way and is especially grateful to all of the volunteers that have made the organization possible.

Family of tennis players standing next to the net

USTA Membership

As a USTA member, you are given certain opportunities and advantages such as access to league play and tournaments. By being a member, you’re also helping give back which allows the USTA to continue their good work in the community. This helps USTA North Carolina receive grants which help fund scholarships, support programs, build tennis facilities, and more.

As part of the partnership with Omega Sports, USTA members will also receive a special 15% discount on tennis items in-stores and online. Membership discount details can be found at nctennis.omegasports.com. USTA North Carolina
members can use this link to access a 15% member discount.

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