Buying running shoes at Omega Sports means you have access to the best brands in the world from local ACTIVE-PLAY Experts that will properly fit you for success. Dr. Clay Sankey, MEGA Wellness Partner Shares Tips On Choosing A Running Shoe.

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1.Comfort: the most important thing is to like how the shoe feels on your foot when you’re standing, walking, and running. Comfort is the shoe characteristic that’s been most shown to reduce the likelihood of injury.
2.Toe Box Width: make sure your toes have room to splay on the front of the shoe.
3.Keep it Light: the less weight you’re carrying around on your feet the better. You want enough shoe to give you the appropriate support and cushion while still maintaining as little weight as possible.
4.SHOP LOCAL: you’ll be supporting your local running community and getting the expertise of people who know the product. If you’re in Charlotte I highly recommend Omega Sports.

If you’re struggling with a running-related injury, Dr. Sankey is here to help. Go to for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Located in South Charlotte, TruMotion Therapy provides active people sidelined due to pain or injury with cost-effective care, free of drugs and surgery, so they can return to a healthy, pain-free lifestyle.

We’re proud to have Dr. Sankey as a MEGA Wellness Partner

His expertise in musculoskeletal pain and injuries, combined with his passion for staying active, has made him a popular expert segment on our weekly LIVE Facebook Show.

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My name is Clay Sankey and I’m a chiropractor in Charlotte, NC. I got my bachelor’s degree from Elon University and my Doctorate of Chiropractic and Masters Degree in Sports and Rehab from Logan University.


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I grew up playing (and not being so great at) many sports until I found my love for running. I ran cross country and track at Providence Day School, which had and continues to have a dominant program. I went on to run at Elon University where I met my beautiful and wonderfully supportive wife, Mrs. TruMotion. Running stuck with me after college, where I found a love for long-distance trail races from half-marathon to 50 miles.

My current physical routine is a good mixture of running, lifting, and mountain biking. I also love snow skiing, hiking, camping, and simply being outdoors.

My wife and I currently have 2 amazing sons and a big fluffy good boy. They are my motivation and my everything.

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