Britney Lindsey is the owner of a candle company called Pineapple Dream, which sells wellness products, handmade soaps, diffusers, etc. She’s an avid cyclist who loves staying active.

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Britney Lindsey on The Women's Only Podcast


Britney Lindsey is the creative behind Pineapple Dream

Pineapple Dream is a small, family-owned candle company based in NC. During the pandemic, they were able to expand their businesses from local shops to Monrovia, Liberia!

“It’s a very strange story. It’s funny how everything happened,” says Britney.

Her partner is from Liberia so she brought the idea of expanding Pineapple Dream to Liberia. Not to do business, pre se. Rather, she wanted to get people’s feedback.

Right at the moment, they decided that it’s something that they can do, COVID hit the world. Things were stalled with uncertainty, but at the end of 2020, they took a trip to Liberia. Britney was hesitant, but on Dec. 30th, they boarded a plane to Liberia. The stars aligned, and everything worked out last-minute. And the response the brand received was phenomenal.

Britney Lindsey’s favorite part about expanding Pineapple Dream to Africa

Britney Lindsey

As far as the business goes, it was a great idea, because it’s a totally different market from the US. In the US, candle-making
is widespread. In Liberia, people were impressed because they haven’t seen the variety of waxes and fragrances that Pineapple Dream brought.  Because of this, Pineapple Dream plans on expanding manufacturing and distribution in Liberia to help create job opportunities and partake in the community.

Personally, Britney loved the food. But she really enjoyed the scenery and the people. It’s very beautiful and unlike anything
she had ever seen.

What got Britney into cycling?

Britney credits her sister, RaShawn, who can be very convincing.

In 2015, Britney had just had her first daughter in January. Her first race, Tour de Femme, was in September in Raleigh. It totaled 15mi and she didn’t do much for prep. She trained the day before, at no point considering the hills. She did it and her love of cycling grew.

She attempted another Tour de Femme, this time a 37-mile ride. Not realizing just how much more that was, she ended up depleting all of her energy in the first 5 miles and ended up doing only 15 more miles. She learned a lot from this attempt.

Starting a cycling group of her own

When Britney turned 30, she wanted to train for a hundred-miler on a bike. Britney, her sister, and some of their friends trained for 3 months for Reach the Beach, a race that starts in Raleigh and ends in Wilmington. It just so
happened that in September a hurricane happened, and everything in the Wellington area flooded and was down for months.

So, essentially they trained for this big epic ride that was not able to happen.
Last year, they decided that this is the perfect time to start a cycling group because many people started joining her friends and her.

Music motivates Britney Lindsey

Music takes you places. A good Afrobeat or Reggae can take you to distant islands. It gets you up; it brings you down. Music helps drive Brtiney. She turns on a hype beat and when she’s on her bike, it pumps her up and gets her through.

Recommendations for cyclists

A lot of people recommended clipping into the bike pedals, but the loss of control scares Britney. But she recommends that you give it a try because it can help improve your performance.

Cold water is a must! Especially when it’s hot and humid outside like many NC nights. She uses the CORKCICLE tumbler, it keeps water cool for a really long time.

Britney also carries a Bluetooth speaker on her rides, because sometimes it gets really quiet. And you need something to keep you going. But also, sometimes you are just tired of thinking. Music can get you out of your head.

And most importantly, a pair of biking shorts is a must.

Passing an active lifestyle to her daughter

Because Britney and her family have always been outdoorsy, her daughter picked up the habit easily. At just 9 months, Britney’s sister was taking her out on runs. Her father was bringing her to soccer practice. When you surround your children with activities, they pick it up.

Follow Pineapple Dreams on their website, Instagram and Facebook. You can keep up with Britney on her own personal Instagram as well.

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