Here at Omega Sports, we like to put our expertise where our mouths are, and Cleo Faucette is a catalyst in making it all happen. Cleo is our Head of Apparel and host of the Women’s Only Podcast powered by Omega Sports. Previously she was Market Leader in Greensboro for many years. Her expertise and passion really shine through!

Cleo Faucette’s Background

Cleo Faucette has been with Omega for almost 12 years now. She is a true veteran with great things to come. Cleo went to school for fashion marketing and her curriculum vitae includes associates in design, a bachelor’s in design and marketing, and a master’s in business and executive leadership. Before joining the Omega Sports team, Cleo spent a lot of time working behind the fashion scenes in California. Sleepless nights and copious amounts of pressure were part of her day-to-day life. Yet grind was what fueled her and she would not have it any other way.

Now, as Head of Apparel, Cleo is faced with similar pressure. Nonetheless, she loves what she does, which only proves that her adaptability and skill will allow her to thrive in any environment.

Women’s Only Podcast Hosted By Cleo Faucette

Aside from fitness and apparel, the Women’s Only Podcast’s (hosted by Cleo Faucette) main goal is to empower women through encouragement and example. We have three women from previous episodes whom we felt encompass everything Omega represents.

  • Mimi Melvin is a powerful news producer in the Raleigh market. She started running in 2013 to celebrate being ten years smoke-free, and what better way to do it than run a marathon.
  • Kimberly Hall is one of two women entrepreneurs we had on. She learned how to swim at the age of 40 to train for a triathlon. To her surprise, running was her favorite part. She now treats running as a form of meditation. She is also the owner of Sole Inspired.
  • Britney Lindsey is our second entrepreneur. Her motto in life is, the most important thing is that you do not give up; finish the race at your own pace.

Overcoming bad habits, conquering obstacles, setting goals, living through tragedy, and opening a business are what drive women to do more. This is all the Women’s Only Podcast and Omega Sports could ask. All of these women have been long-time supporters of Omega Sports and listening to their stories inspires us.

We would be remiss if we did not mention three very special upcoming guests, Kelly Gaines, Lisa Keller, and Coach P.

Kelly Gaines at the Fed Cup in Asheville, NC

Kelly Gaines. Photo credit: USTA

  • Kelly Gaines is the executive director at USTA NC and the state’s best ambassador for tennis. Many credit her for bringing the USTA NC to where it is today, leaving a legacy that will continue forever.
  • Lisa Keller is another influential leader we had the pleasure to interview. She is a leader of Girls On The Run, an organization focused on empowering young women of all socio-economic backgrounds to get out there and move!
  • Coach P. is famously known for her tenure at Duke for women’s basketballs, reaching a total of 30 years and counting. She is the author of the book Secret Warrior: A Coach and Fighter, On and Off the Court. The purpose of this book was to speak on our current public health crisis on mental health, especially in regards to athletes. Because Coach P. is well beyond versed in the media, just having her on the show was a milestone all on its own. She graciously told us we were one of her favorite interviews. This conversation was nothing less than inspiring and empowering; it leaves you feeling goosebumps, so definitely keep an eye out for this one!

“It makes you feel… strong, is the word I could think of. After I got done talking to her you just feel powerful.

Alo Yoga

Now, you know we could not leave without giving you an inside scoop on our newest, most exciting drops to hit Omega Sports. We have proudly partnered with Alo Yoga to bring their latest collection to Omega Sports. Don’t let the name deceive you. Alo Yoga is not just geared towards yogis; it is an all-around versatile active-wear brand. We researched the best active-wear brand for women, and Alo Yoga ranked at number four… in the entire world! They ranked alongside some of the world’s top competitors (who shall not be named). Now that is something worth bragging about!

Alo Yoga is not just an active brand; they are a lifestyle and athleisure brand. Their versatile collections make it easy to transition from running errands to making a stop at your local coffee shop, and, of course, exercising. Design is key; they take inspiration from nature, architecture, and designers. In addition, their focus on style is impeccable, shaping is flexible, and sculpting and comfort are imperative. Not to mention their focus on maintaining sustainable responsibility. Their price point is impressive. Affordability is important to Alo Yoga, and so is giving back to the community. The only question I have for you is, why wouldn’t you purchase from this all purposeful and mindful active brand.

Omega will be dropping their women’s collection and will be adding men’s soon!