Physical Therapist vs Chiropractor, we speak to two MEGA Wellness hitters from the community, Dr. Scott Jablonka from Carolina Movement Doc and Dr. Clay Sankey from TruMotion Therapy.

If you are in the Charlotte area and into fitness, it is safe to say you have heard at least one of their names.

Dr. Scott Jablonka, Physical Therapist

People may know him from Carolina Movement Doc, a website that helps connect athletes with physical therapists.

Dr. Jablonka is the host of our most popular podcast, The Move More Podcast. With his radio experience, there was no person better equipped for the job. Better still, Dr. Jablonka wanted to spread knowledge. The Move More Podcast gives him the ability to discuss fitness topics at length while solving common misconceptions.

He has brought on guests from all over the country. This allows him and the listeners to venture outside their comfort zone and dip their toes into new perspectives.

As a physical therapist, Dr. Jablonka chose Charlotte to scale his career. Once he settled in, Carolina Movement Doc was the next step in fulfilling his passion.

At first, it began as a “voluntold” project, where he gave free advice and treatment to help athletes. Word quickly got around, and what started as a hobby matured into a responsibility to share something that benefited the community as a whole.

When the pandemic hit, CMD kicked into overdrive. While many businesses were closing down, Carolina Movement Doc exploded. Scott kept busy with 1-on-1 requests and back-to-back appointments. The goal is to make it a full-time production.

Dr. Clay Sankey, Chiropractor


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One of the first people we reached out to when starting The Omega Sports Show was Dr. Sankey. Omega may have never pursued a wellness journey without his inspiration.

Being a chiropractic destination for running stars in Charlotte, Dr. Sankey has been getting picked up by other bloggers and websites, which have only extended his reach in addition to his following.

Dr. Sankey is a Chiropractor in South Charlotte and has a chiropractic clinic called TruMotion Therapy. At TruMotion, they specialize in treating any musculoskeletal injuries and pain, anything from back pain to sports injuries.

He offers an array of treatment services. His goal is to keep people out of surgery or medicine when possible. In addition to the standard chiropractic protocols, his clinic offers dry needling, cupping, and many other rehabilitation services.

Chiropractor vs. Physical Therapist

People believe there is a feud between both professions, but the reality is a bit different. Both offer treatment that can help anyone who is in pain. In the end, it does not matter who you see, just see someone!

“Stronger people last longer.” – Dr. Scott Jablonka

Healthcare is an ongoing need, whether it is conservative care or invasive care and everything in between. The goal for both Dr. Jablonka and Dr. Sankey is to save patients before getting to the point of needing invasive care.

Preventative care saves time, money, and physical damage from the side effects of drugs. The key to avoiding invasive care lies in fitness: get stronger, move more, and treat your body right!

“If you’re surrounded by people who are into fitness and are motivated, it drives you to be better.” – Dr. Clay Sankey

Viewer Questions

Jon from Charlotte – When choosing a chiropractor, how important is it to know what techniques they perform before making an appointment? Are they all the same?

Although every chiropractor possesses the same base knowledge, there are techniques some offer that others may not. It is a matter of knowing your specific needs.

If you have generic neck or back pain, then yes, most chiropractors can take care of you. If it is a more complicated injury (like a sprained ACL, tennis elbow, or sports injury), you will need someone that can offer more than just adjustments.

Melissa from Raleigh – As experts, what are your go-to methods of fast recovery after strenuous physical activity?

The answer is more straightforward than you might expect, but it is arguably the most important: sleep, nutrition, and hydration. Beyond that, compression boots are a great addition to recovery.

Mark from High Point – I continue to suffer from hamstring strains. Are they avoidable? How can I heal them quickly?

Usually, hamstring injuries result from highly explosive motions, like sprinting. You need to address the root issue and improve mobility and strength.

Dex from Raleigh – I played baseball through school and college and ended up having to have Tommy John Surgery. My son plays and I want to help him avoid injury. What should I be considering?

For those who do not know, Tommy John Surgery is for a ligament in the elbow called the UCL; it is the most commonly stressed injury for baseball players.

The main thing you want to be aware of is keeping track of your son’s pitch count. If he is overloading the inside elbow tissue and putting a lot of stress on that area, he will see some complications. You can avoid this by keeping tabs, making sure his form is good, and have him play other sports. This way he is not overworking that stress area.

Sara in Raleigh – As we get older, what is the best way to prevent unnecessary ailments like arthritis or other joint pains?

Motion is lotion. Get moving. Even the smallest movements can help the fluids around your joints in the long run.

Donna from Greensboro – Running vs. weight lifting, which is better?

Both are great. Whatever gets you moving is key. Pursue that. But, if we are talking longevity, weightlifting has the best benefits in the long run.