Movement isn’t always the easiest decision to make. But it’s one that Aleighsha makes every day that she can.

Aleighsha is a Field Marketing Lead for Saucony. We’ve worked with her before, and she’s shared her love of Saucony.

We caught up with Aleighsha to find out what role movement plays in her life.

How important is it to stay moving? Why do you prioritize movement?

It is so important to stay moving. Not only for physical health but also mental health. It helps me think clearer during my workday! Each day I push myself to get in at least 30 mins of exercise so that I feel better each day and, most importantly, so I can keep up with my crazy pup! 😊

Aleighsha and her "crazy pup"

How do you maintain movement motivation during the holidays?

Maintaining movement during the holidays is tough, I will not sugar coat it!

There are so many events and snacks, but I know that I will feel better each day if I even just get an easy walk in and get outside for fresh air!

When it’s too cold out I love to spin bike, do yoga videos on YouTube, or facetime family and challenge them to a workout!

When I get outdoors I love running, taking my pup on hikes, and riding my bike on sunny days!

My mantra is β€œyou got this!”

Aleighsha and company in ugly holiday sweaters

How important is it to give during the holidays? Why do you do it? In what ways do you give back?

Giving during the holidays or really any time of the year is so special.

You truly have no clue the difference that it makes in each individual’s life. I have done it since I was young because so many people gave to my family when we truly needed an extra hand. It’s amazing what communities can do when they come together.

Some of my favorite organizations to give to during the holidays are Angel Tree, The Giving Tree, and Meals On Wheels.

What do you love about Saucony?

Oh boy, where do I even start?

Saucony is a brand that is close to the heart because they stand for a lot of the same values that I have. They truly want to provide good for all.

We have an amazing shoe line that is created by kids at the Boston Children’s Hospital, which is one of the most amazing products we offer because kids get to design them!

What is your favorite Saucony shoe? Does it vary if you are training vs. competing?

My favorite shoe right now is the Endorphin Speed for my faster runs! It is super bouncy, soft underfoot, and really spring to give that extra pep in your step!

I also love the Saucony Ride as my daily trainer! This shoe is not only sleek but so comfortable for all-day wear! It has form-fit technology that fully molds to your foot after your first run or walk!

Honestly, I love all of our shoes but these two are my favorite!