Keep it moving because movement can make you feel and perform better, according to Kenn Woods.

Kenn is one of our MEGA Influencers and has been featured in several of our posts. We caught up with Kenn to find out what role movement plays in his life. Scroll to the end to see which running shoe is helping hit new PRs.

How important is it to stay moving? Why do you prioritize movement?


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It is my belief the more I move, the better I feel and perform. I prioritize it because I have grown to realize my body requires constant movement. A day of sitting around leaves my muscles and joints stiff. Even on rest days, I still try to walk 10,000 steps to avoid that problem.

How do you maintain movement motivation during the holidays?

The holiday season is when we’re eating more and typically working less. I can gain 5 pounds in one weekend if I’m not careful.

I like to go to the gym for my indoor workouts. I’ll do the stair master or row machine for a warm-up. Then 30 to 45 minutes of weight training. I enjoy daily stretching and have grown to love yoga.

Outdoors is strictly for walking and running.

My mantra is quite simple, “keep it moving.”

Kenn Woods ready to run

How important is it to give during the holidays? Why do you do it? In what ways do you give back?

I feel it’s always important to give back. The date on the calendar should never dictate how generous your heart is. However, it’s something special about the holiday season. Everyone is smiling more and there are more opportunities to give and donate more.

I donate to Toys for Tots and other charities. I don’t have much, but there are some who don’t have anything at all.

What do you love about Saucony?

Breaking in a new pair of Saucony shoes

Saucony is an amazing company. I particularly love how active they are in the community. Some of the best events I’ve ever been to were hosted by them. I would always leave feeling like they cared more about social impact over sales.

What is your favorite Saucony shoe? Does it vary if you are training vs. competing?

My favorite shoe is currently the Endorphin Speed 2. It offers a good blend of responsiveness and cushion. I can use it as a daily trainer or my race day shoe. I posted my fastest half marathon and 10k wearing it. Looking forward to finally breaking that sub 2 hour half in it! I like the gusseted tongue; it makes the shoe feel secure but not rigid.

For recovery or simply daily use, I enjoy the Endorphin Shift. It’s like walking on a cloud.