Great gits by Kenn Woods

Fenix 6x MultiSport.

Omega-Fenix 6x MultiSport

I currently have the 245 but am in major need of an upgrade. That watch does everything I’d need to get ready to go for a sub 2 hour half marathon in 2022. The Fenix 6 offers Grade adjusted pacing which shows the runner his or her relative pace on a flat surface. The wrist monitor is more advanced and the 6 gets a better signal around tall trees and buildings.


Hyperice Hypervolt


My soon to be fiancΓ© is a massage therapist and this would be a great addition to her arsenal when working with clients. She’s an amazing woman and deserves so much because she gives so much more


Endorphin Shift 2


I love that shoe and it’d be a great trainer to help me reach my goals. I love the Endorphin Speed and the Pro but I have bad feet. They’re flat, fragile and need the extra cushion the Shift 2 offers. I can run a race and do most long runs in my raceday shoe but the Shift 2 will allow me to get my daily miles in and avoid potential injury


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