Episode Summary

Our host is an award-winning producer at Capitol Broadcasting, MiMi Melvin. Her guest today is Sharon Mosley, a Licensed Health Therapist, a Certified Health Coach, and the owner of The Fit Talk.

In this episode, MiMi sits with Sharon to discuss her experiences as a health coach and her journey in integrating physical fitness with mental health therapy.

An Active Point of View with Host MiMi Melvin and Guest Sharon Mosley

Top Takeaways

  • “No matter where you are in your fitness journey, there is always someone that can help push you even further.”
    – [Sharon Mosley]
  • “Ask yourself, ‘so why am I interested in doing this; what’s my why?”
    – [Sharon Mosley]
  • “Just get good at one or two things, keep it simple.”
    – [Sharon Mosley]

Episode Highlights

  • [00:45] Intro
  • [01:45] Meet our guest on this episode, Sharon Mosley.
  • [02:09] Today’s topic focuses on the mental aspect of working out.
  • [03:30] The importance of having an accountability partner
  • [08:22] Sharon shares her background
  • [18:42] Can you share one of the success stories from your work?
  • [22:37] How did The Fit Talk come into existence?
  • [30:15] What advice would you give to someone who doesn’t know where to begin?
  • [34:17] Who is a good fit for the Fit Talk?
  • [35:25] Connect with Sharon.

Episode Notes

MiMi ready to run

Mimi’s Why – Why host The Omega Sports An Active Point of View podcast?

To mark 15 years of being smoke-free, MiMi decided to run a half marathon. This brought her to Omega Sports. She was properly fitted for running shoes and met people who helped her reach her running goals. Now, she wants to inspire others through her podcast. This podcast will feature experts on brands, sports, fashion, fitness, health, and other leaders in the community.

Sharon Mosley

Sharon Mosley

Our guest today, Sharon, is a therapist and the owner of “The Fit Talk.” Today’s conversation focuses on the interplay between the mental and physical aspects of working out. MiMi met Sharon at a 5k event where she noticed Sharon’s personality was as radiant as she presented on social media.

Sharon was not very active as a child, although she tried several physical activities. She didn’t exactly excel in any physical activities. Later on, she started going to the gym. As with many of us, she found it difficult to be consistent.

In 2011 she was overweight with no plan or direction. She went in for her annual visit and was told that I was at risk for chronic illness, specifically hypertension and diabetes and would most likely end up taking multiple medications like many of her current patients. Around this time, her son was taking swim lessons and the instructor recommended she participate in a Triathlon. At this point, she could barely swim and was definitely not in shape. But she dove right in and started training anyways. She stuck with it and in honesty, it was a struggle. But Sharon believes it was all worth it. To this day, she continues to run.


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On the career side of things, her clients began sharing their own personal concerns about their own weight management and health issues such as anxiety and depression. With the benefits she observed in her life, she encouraged her clients to take up physical activity as part of their sessions together.

It was from these conversations that Sharon came up with her “Walk and Talk” therapy for her clients. Rather than the typical in-office session, “Walk and Talk” therapy consisted of walking during the session to promote physical and mental health.

The Fit Talk

When Sharon decided to start talking to clients about physical fitness, she knew it needed to be meaningful. She moved into private practice and selected a business name that reflected this modality of incorporating fitness into therapy. The Fit Talk was born!

She was intentional about selecting a location that allowed for walking so she could implement her “Walk and Talk” therapy sessions.

Your physical and mental health should be your priority


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Clients, particularly women, often complain about not having time to work out. Sharon emphasizes the need to treat workout sessions like an important appointment at the top of their to-do list rather than the bottom. The real question a woman should consider is, what happens to those other activities if her health fails?

In some cases, it is hard to know where to begin for folks. It can be helpful to find someone within your circle, who is always on the move or interested in fitness and ask them questions. Alternatively, YouTube has tons of different resources available.

It is pivotal to ask yourself why you’re doing it. Knowing your reason helps you figure out where to start. You cannot do what everyone is doing all at once. You can start with one or two things that resonate with you.

Woman working with a physical fitness trainer

When starting the fitness journey, ensure that you are physically healthy enough to begin a program. It is advisable to work with a certified trainer to avoid injuries. When joining a gym, be sure you’re working with people whose goals are similar to yours.

Having an accountability partner contributes significantly to sustainability in mental health wellness. It also promotes longevity and consistency in taking up physical fitness activities. Running and mental health are similar, in that very often people just need to know someone is listening to them without necessarily telling them what to do, and this is the same with simply having someone to run with, who keeps you going.

The Fit Talk is open to anyone who needs support for their mental health in any capacity, as well as anyone who wants to focus on their fitness goals.


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