Episode Summary

Our guest on this episode is Dr. C. Nicole Swiner of Serenity Hydration & Wellness. Voted one of the Top 10 physicians in North Carolina, she is a six-time best-selling author, a mother, and a wife.

In this episode, Dr. Swiner expounds on the “superwoman complex” that she discovered after falling victim to it, narrating her role in offering treatment services and education through her company, Serenity Hydration Wellness PLLC. She also highlights ways by which women can create a balance between the demands of work and home while still making out time for self-care.

An Active Point of View with Host MiMi Melvin and Guest Dr. Swiner

Top Takeaways

  • “If you can take better care of yourself emotionally and mentally then you are better for the ones that depend on you.”
    – [Dr. C. Nicole Swiner]
  • “If you don’t ‘sat down’, your body’s going to ‘sat down’ for you.”
    – [Dr. C. Nicole Swiner]
  • “The number one stressor for most of us comes from work.”
    – [Dr. C. Nicole Swiner]
  • “What do I love and how can I do what it is that I love in a manner that doesn’t stress me?”
    – [MiMi Melvin]
  • “None of us drink the amount of water we’re supposed to, on a consistent basis.”
    – [Dr. C. Nicole Swiner]
  • “Be kind to one another, just be nice.”
    – [Dr. C. Nicole Swiner]

Episode Highlights

  • [01:07] Intro; more about MiMi.
  • [04:04] Introducing today’s guest, Dr. C. Nicole Swiner.
  • [05:56] What is the “superwoman complex”?
  • [14:30] The importance of self-care especially for women.
  • [16:05] How Dr. Swiner evolved into her lifestyle brand.
  • [21:03] The core message behind the superwoman complex.
  • [27:06] About Serenity Hydration & Wellness.
  • [35:35] Connect with Dr. Swiner (Serenity Hydration & Wellness)
  • [38:15] Final comments from Dr. Swiner.

Episode Notes

MiMi Melvin

Mimi’s Why – Why host The Omega Sports An Active Point of View podcast?

To mark 15 years of being smoke-free, MiMi decided to run a half marathon. This brought her to Omega Sports. She was properly fitted for running shoes and met people who helped her reach her running goals. Now, she wants to inspire others through her podcast. She wants to reach out to share her story and give others a platform to share theirs.

Dr. C. Nicole Swiner

Dr. C Nicole Swiner

Dr. C. Nicole Swiner is a physician and owner of Serenity Hydration. But that is only the beginning. She is an influencer, a wife and a mother. She was voted 1 of 10 Best Doctors in NC. And she is a 6-time best-selling author.

MiMi met Dr. Swiner 4 years ago at WRAL, when she was promoting her book, “How To Avoid the Superwoman Complex: 12 Ways to Balance Mind, Body & Spirit.”

The Superwoman complex

How to avoid the Superwoman complex

If you’ve never heard of it, the Superwoman complex goes by a lot of other names including the “Black Superwoman Syndrome” or “The Martyr.” It is generally not a good thing.

Researching this in the 1970s, Dr. Swiner found that despite the successes of many women who joined the workforce, they had faltered in taking care of themselves. With her many accomplishments, Dr. Swiner herself is also a victim of the superwoman complex. Type A women, like herself, have a hard time allowing themselves to sit back. She is intentional about practicing her teachings each day.

Women need to make themselves a priority

It is crucial for women to listen to and take care of their bodies because stress is a major factor implicated in many medical conditions that threaten their health. The impact may even be indirect, occurring as a result of lifestyle changes adopted to deal with stress. Dr. Swiner focuses on teaching people to take better care of themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Dr. Swiner knows what she’s talking about. As you may have noticed, her list of accomplishments is long. And it is exactly this reason she is qualified to talk about being a Superwoman and why it’s not something anyone should strive to be.

One day, she lost consciousness at work. This was during a period when she was juggling the heavy demands of both work life and family life. She was paying little care for herself. This scare caused her to reflect on her lifestyle and start making changes. Realizing that other women face a similar challenge, she delved into educating others. It has helped to ensure she continues to practice her own teaching.

Give yourself grace

Although it is necessary to work towards the “soft life,” women need to also give themselves grace. They should keep in mind that despite their best efforts, some days will be demanding. The goal, nonetheless, is that more often than not, they should step back and realign their focus to their well-being.

Dr. Swiner also recommends her follow-up book to the first Superwoman complex book, “The Superwoman Complex: A Follow-Up Visit,” where she shares more tips to deal with the superwoman complex.

Serenity Hydration & Wellness

Serenity Hydration & Wellness is a year old and was started by Dr. Swiner before she retired from Clinical Medicine. Her goal was to practice with more focus on stress, the superwoman complex, and self-care from a natural standpoint. The hydration came from realizing most people don’t drink adequate water. This is detrimental to health as it is the leading cause of many illnesses.

Through her company, she has been able to touch with patients she had taken care of over the years as well as other patients who needed general medical advice during their treatment.


The treatment involves using intravenous fluid which has been established to be a highly efficient method of hydration. This fluid includes other minerals and electrolytes. Because it is injected, it goes directly to the organs that need them, bypassing the digestive system. The process takes 30-60 minutes, giving folks the opportunity to rest and relax.

To find out more about Serenity Hydration & Wellness, listeners can connect via Instagram or schedule a service by visiting the website.  For those in North Carolina, the service is mobile. Dr. Swiner’s books are also available on her website and Amazon.


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