Guest: Craig Carlock

Episode Summary

Today’s guest is Craig Carlock, the owner of Omega Sports and an equally active fitness enthusiast.

In this episode, Craig highlights the upcoming Omega Sports Cannonball Race. He describes what runners can expect from the event and how he has prepared to engage in the race. He also shares some running tips.

Craig Carlock

Top Takeaways

  • “If someone is trying to better themselves and I’m a good target for them to better themselves, I’ll definitely want to support them”
    – [Craig Carlock]
  • “Good business provides dignity to employees.”
    – [Craig Carlock]
  • “What’s great about running is that it’s available virtually everywhere at any time of the day.”
    – [Craig Carlock]
  • “Don’t underestimate recovery and stretching.”
    – [Craig Carlock]

Episode Highlights

  • [00:49] About today’s guest, Craig Carlock, and Omega Sports.
  • [03:03] The upcoming Omega Sports Cannonball Race.
  • [04:02] Why Craig decided to join the Cannonball half marathon race.
  • [06:00] Craig’s views on training for runners.
  • [07:47] Why is Omega Sports so important to you?
  • [11:13] Craig’s experience as a runner.
  • [15:42] The Omega Sports Cannonball Race.
  • [22:20] What will Omega Sports be offering at the Cannonball Race?
  • [24:41] Craig’s advice on preparing for the Cannonball Race.
  • [29:00] Connect with Omega Sports.
  • [30:04] About the new Omega Sports store.

Episode Notes

Mimi’s Why – Why host The Omega Sports An Active Point of View podcast?


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To mark 15 years of being smoke-free, MiMi decided to run a half marathon. This brought her to Omega Sports. She was properly fitted for running shoes and met people who helped her reach her running goals. She started this podcast to share ways to incorporate fitness with simple daily life while having fun for listeners who wish to be fit but do not have the time to keep physically fit.

Craig Carlock

Craig started running in college over 30 years ago to clear his mind. He also met his wife running together. Craig’s daughter has run cross country and track in high school. She is now a recreational runner. Craig’s son occasionally runs but prefers other sports.

Running is available everywhere at any time, and the feeling is exhilarating. After running, Craig experiences higher energy which helps him have a productive day.

The next Omega Sports Cannonball Race is coming in a few days, and Craig is signed up for the half-marathon. Although initially reluctant, he was motivated to join a store manager who signed up. They agreed to hold each other accountable in this run. Running is a community where people easily connect, especially during physical activities.

The Omega Sports Cannonball Race

The Cannonball Race initially started as a marathon, half marathon, and 5k. Now there is a bonus challenge option and a Chick-fil-A Kids Dash. The goal is to expand the range of interests to appeal to as many people as possible.

The event is scheduled to take place on October 21st and 22nd. Last year’s event was also quite festive, with live music, awards, and great photographers taking pictures for free. This year, there will also be bands, beer trucks, local vendors showing their wares, physical therapists, free meals, and other groups running together.

Some organizations that will be present include Chick-fil-A, Atrium Health, Brunner Children’s, Good Health Greensboro, Run For God Run Club, South End Brewing Company, and Piedmont Technical Experts. Running accessories, including shoes, socks, lights, water bottles, and sunglasses, will be available at the event. Additionally, the store manager will be present to answer questions.

Training for a marathon

Craig and his group downloaded the same training program to prepare for the race. They stayed in touch, making time to go on some of the runs together.

The right equipment has also been very useful, like headlamps for morning runs, running shorts, water, and other hydration products. Staying hydrated is very important.

Don’t underestimate recovery and stretching. Stretching should be done before and after running to avoid injuries.

Runners need to find a training program and stick with it. Most programs have shorter mid-week runs and longer weekend runs. The long weekend runs are crucial. Craig runs with a group and this has helped immensely with his running. Find a running program and a group for effective training.

As a business, Omega Sports represents how businesses can positively impact their communities by meeting needs, providing training, and offering advancement opportunities to employees. This is part of the main appeal of the race, where people from all over the state come together to enjoy a fitness event.

This race is also a Boston Qualifier. Hence, successful runners can qualify for major races.


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