Host: Dr. Scott Jablonka (Carolina Movement Doc)

Episode Summary

This episode focuses on finding the right rehabilitation service provider to achieve your health goals or address your physical health challenges.

In this episode, Dr. Jablonka highlights what to avoid and prioritize when finding a rehab provider.

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Find the best physical therapist: 6 things to look out for + 2 things to avoid

Top Takeaway

  • “Once you find the right provider, you should budget your time and energy to getting to that person.”
    – [Dr. Scott Jablonka]
  • “Cost is not the most important.”
    – [Dr. Scott Jablonka]
  • “The same rule applies when it comes to your medical provider, not who’s the cheapest. It should be legitimately, who is the best?”
    – [Dr. Scott Jablonka]
  • “If you find yourself getting tossed around from provider to provider, find someplace else.”
    – [Dr. Scott Jablonka]
  • “Individualized care is really going to be a deal breaker when it comes to ‘how effective is your provider at solving your problems?”
    – [Dr. Scott Jablonka]
  • “The most crucial part about the recovery process is finding that one person or that one team that can help you get back to doing what you like to do quicker.”
    – [Dr. Scott Jablonka]
  • “If it doesn’t feel like the right fit, it is not the right fit.”
    – [Dr. Scott Jablonka]

Episode Highlights

  • [01:01] Today’s topic: How do you choose the right physical therapy provider?
  • [03:40] What to avoid when looking for a rehab provider.
  • [08:00] What should you look out for in a health provider?

Episode Notes

Find the best rehab provider for your problems

When we say physical therapists, we aren’t referring to physicians but rehab providers, including physical therapists, chiropractors, or even massage therapists.

To start, and as simple as this sounds, you should check for answers on something other than Google because the answers you get may be unreliable.

It can all get overwhelming, and there are things to look out for and avoid in determining whether a provider is a good fit for you. Inevitably, this will take some effort from you.

Things to avoid when searching for a physical therapist

Avoid choosing a physical therapist based on location

For the things to avoid when seeking a physical therapist, do not simply make a decision based on location. It should be the last thing you consider. Instead, when you find the right provider, allocate resources to make sure you visit them.

Avoid choosing a physical therapist based on cost

Another thing to avoid is cost. We often want the highest quality of other products like cars or technology. Likewise, we should not go cheap when it comes to healthcare. We should not aim for the cheapest but the best.

Cost and location are low priorities.

Things to look for when searching for a physical therapist

Select a physical therapist based on area of expertise

The first thing to look at is education. After exams, rehab providers fall into a specific niche which makes them likely to be more equipped in certain areas. Find someone well-versed in your area of challenge.

Select a physical therapist based on individualized care

The second factor to look out for is individualized care. Unfortunately, finding individualized care can be challenging in the rehab world. No two people are the same, so no two people should receive the same care plan.

It helps to have a call setup before going into the clinic. A phone call will allow you to ask preliminary questions. For example, ask how many providers would be attending to you. Avoid being passed around to different providers.

You want to know the person you speak to will appropriately address your complaints.

Skip clinics that toss patients around or do not offer a discovery call.

Go through a physical therapist’s social media

Going through social media content can give an idea of who the provider is and their niche. However, if you’re not getting a good vibe on social media, this is likely to stay the same at the clinic.

Get selective recommendations on physical therapists

Another option is to ask around, but that has to be done very selectively rather than asking anyone randomly or online. Ask someone like a gym owner, high-performing athlete, or coach who they would recommend. They can vouch for a professional based on their experience.

Select a physical therapist based on how well they communicate

The fifth thing to look out for is communication. How accessible is your provider, and how flexible are they with your program?

Do they care is the most important thing to look out for when selecting a physical therapist

The most important thing to look out for is “do they care?” You have to try them out and observe their treatment of you. Doing so lets you figure out if they genuinely care about your well-being.

When the rehab provider does not remember your story, tailor treatment to your needs, or administer treatment in line with your goals, these are signs that they do not care about you.

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