Host: Dr. Scott Jablonka (Carolina Movement Doc)
Season 3, Episode 2

Episode Summary

This episode focuses on the impact of health insurance on physical therapy.

In this episode, Dr. Jablonka describes the shortcomings of health insurance regarding patient rehabilitation with physical therapy. In addition, he notes the harmful effects of this on the overall patient’s well-being.

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Health insurance limits your rehabilitation

Top Takeaway

  • “In the world of rehabilitation and performance, health insurance doesn’t really care about your goals.”
    – [Dr. Scott Jablonka]
  • “Health insurance is more catastrophe insurance.”
    – [Dr. Scott Jablonka]
  • “You invest your time, money, energy into something or someone that will solve your problems and solve your problems well.”
    – [Dr. Scott Jablonka]

Episode Highlights

  • [00:34] Today’s conversation revolves around the inadequacy of health insurance in rehabilitation.
  • [02:13] Health insurance limits physical therapy
  • [07:13] The impact of health insurance limits on therapists and patients.
  • [15:05] How can patients find good quality physical therapy?

Episode Notes

The goal of this episode is not to outrightly dismiss the benefits of health insurance but to highlight their deficiency when it comes to rehabilitation. Notably, health insurance is helpful in very bad medical conditions but often does not offer much to prevent such situations.

Health insurance could be limiting your rehabilitation

For conservative care like physical therapy, insurance companies limit the amount they will pay, limiting the treatment available to clients in a year.

Another problem is that insurance companies have paid physical therapists the same amount over the years, sometimes even less. As a result, many therapists see more patients to make up for the loss of income. Unfortunately, each patient’s amount of undivided attention or individual care is reduced.

Therapists also suffer burnout due to the sheer patient load and the dilemma of choosing between their financial well-being and proper patient care. In addition, the patient eventually gets generalized treatment rather than a tailored individual program.

Unfortunately, many good therapists have left the profession because of this poor welfare.

With all this, patients must take control of their health by finding therapists who focus on their health.

How to find high-quality physical therapy

Female patient doing physical exercises with physical therapist. Male therapist treating injured knee of young athlete.

Go outside the insurance network because they limit the care available to you. The main reason to go outside the network is to receive quality care. There are also no hidden costs, and the frequency of visits is much lower for someone out of network because they focus on meeting the client’s needs at a pace determined by the clients.

Dr. Jablonka’s out-of-network practice offers high-quality direct care to his clients suited to their needs and goals.

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