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“We help friends and neighbors lead active lives.”

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Craig and I met running together as students in business school at the University of Virginia. Running was our way to manage the stress of a demanding academic program and to this day, we appreciate the importance of living an active lifestyle.

We moved to Greensboro, NC, when our children were young. North Carolina, with its beautiful mountains, expansive beaches, and access to many top academic institutions seemed like an ideal place to raise an active family. Greensboro, located in the center of the state (and the Atlantic Coast Conference) offered extensive running trails, a tradition of exciting college rivalries, and a rich exposure to fine arts. It seemed like a great fit for us.

As our children were leaving home, we had the opportunity to make a career change. Realizing that we wanted to remain in and give back to the community that helped raise our children, we sought out opportunities to run a local business. We were excited when Omega Sports came onto our radar.

Omega Sports, founded in 1978, has a rich heritage as the neighborhood sporting goods store. Being triathletes, runners, and swimmers as well as parents of children who participated in all kinds of sports over the years, we have always been loyal Omega Sports customers. In fact, Omega Sports was the store about which our children consistently said, “That’s my favorite store!” In 2017, with the assistance of a locally owned and family-run NC bank, we took a leap of faith and purchased the company.

“My parents brought me here when I was a child, and now I bring my children here.”

Owning and running a business together, we are mindful of and grateful for the hard-working, committed, and knowledgeable Omega Sports employees.

This highly trained, service-oriented, and friendly team represent the backbone and core competency of our business.

These employees are ready and able to fit customers with the right product for an active lifestyle whether it’s running, swimming, tennis, pickle ball, volleyball, skiing, beachwear, baseball, football, wrestling, and more.

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Omega Sports Craig and Kristin


Omega Sports is locally owned and operated. Every day, we proudly serve our communities with seven neighborhood sports stores across North Carolina including Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Wilmington, and two locations in Charlotte.


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Our Local Commitment

We genuinely enjoy becoming deeply ingrained in our local communities. We sponsor running races, host run packet pick-ups, partner with local, youth sports organizations, and donate to many local causes. Nowhere is our spirit of community more on display than in July of each year when we host our Summer Sneaker Trade-In. In the last 25 years, we have collected, cleaned, and donated over 50,000 pairs of shoes to North Carolinians who can really use them.


Our “customer champions” are extremely knowledgeable and strive to provide unparalleled customer service. They are trained in gait analysis and technical shoe-fitting, so that we equip our customers with just the right shoe each and every time. We also help customers find the perfect exercise accessories and athletic apparel—from compression socks to knee braces to warm weather wicking materials to cold weather tights to comfortably fitting sports bras and more. Combine our customer service and product knowledge with our small store shopping environment and we believe our shopping experience is, quite simply, the best in sports.


Omega is evolving to meet our customers’ changing needs. We are revamping our website, adding an e-commerce capability, using technology to deliver more and better products to our stores, and communicating with our customers over multiple digital mediums.



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