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Where Did it Get it’s Name?

You may be wondering, where do the pickles come into play? And what if I’m not a fan of pickles? No worries, as it only goes as far as the name. Although the origins of the name are debated, a commonly accepted story is that it was named after the family dog, Pickles, who would chase after the runaway balls.


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5 Reasons to play 

Pickleball is great for all ages. Parents can get out on the court with their kids and play as a family without any fears of anyone getting hurt or becoming overly frustrated with technical rules.

Rules of the game

The beauty of Pickleball is that it’s rules are simple and it’s easy to learn over the course of one afternoon. Per the USAPA the game is played this way.

  • Played as either doubles or singles and the play area stays the same for both.
  • Only underhand serves are allowed and below waist level and must land on the diagonal side of the opposing court within the marked boundaries of play area.
  • The first player serves and accumulates points when the opposing team fails to return a serve or hits the ball out of bounds. The server continues to play and accumulate points until they commit a fault. When the first player has a fault, it falls to the teammate to serve next until they commit a fault. Then, play falls to the opposing team.
  • Game is played to 11 points and must be won by 2 points.

For more exhaustive rules, see the following Pickleball rules summary.

Get Out There and Play

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